[GRAPHIC CONTENT] IFBB Pro Forced Out of Show After Freak Accident


Army Sergeant and Redcon1 Athlete Kenneth Owens has had to drop out of the 2018 Tampa Pro after a freak accident that saw him lose a finger.

Kenneth, who managed to get 3rd place at the 2017 New York Pro Classic Physique division, talks in an Instagram post about what happened whilst working on his back.

Be Safe

He reminds people to be careful with what they do and stay safe. The pictures are pretty brutal, and because of the injury Owens likely can’t train upper body for some time either.

Now seems like every week a bodybuilder is fu*king up and injuring themselves to a point they can’t compete.

So maybe, Kenneth Owens is right, take more care and look after yourself and don’t do dumb sh*t like Von Moger.

You can see the injury below, just swipe right off the video. It’s brutal though so viewer discretion is advised! 

🛑GRAPHIC CONTENT 🛑 If you have a weak stomach, don’t swipe left. I had an accident yesterday that left me with an amputated right index finger. I’m blessed because things could have been much worse. I won’t be able to do any pressing or pulling movements for a while so I won’t be participating in the 2018 Tampa Pro. I do want to stress the importance of safety. Making sure you’re taking every necessary step to protect you and everything/everyone in your environment. Freak accidents can happen in an instant. Please keep me in your prayers for a safe and fast recovery. When I’m able to I’ll be going 150% so there are no excuses. We all have setbacks in this thing called life but how we react shows our true character. – 👑The King Is Here👑 – 🔺RedCon1.com Link In Bio Discount code: EbonyKing10 – 💢SHARE💢 – 📨DM for custom training plans👑 – ♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️ #Redcon1 #WeAreRedcon1  #TeamRedcon1 #bodybuilding #fit #ripped #motivation #fitness #classicphysique #EbonyFitnessToday #gym  #aesthetics #explorepage #fitnessmodel #health #follow #IFBB #musclevideos #melanin #photooftheday #ClassicPhysique #tbt #wshhfitness @ragingsilverback @jeremypotvin_ @hypertrophycoach  @dwihmagazine  @aaronsingerman @blackfitnesstoday  @themusclephd @redcon1tieroperators @dvddestdvddies @fit_chocolate365 @supportmilitarymuscle @ebonymuscle @redcon1 @redcon1_frontline @swoledadof3 @ebonyfitfreaks

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