‘The Beast’ Eddie Hall Looks Shredded in New Weight Loss Reveal

Eddie Hall weight loss reveal

Charismatic English strongman Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall is looking absolutely shredded after an amazing transformation. The 2017 World’s Strongest Man has shed an incredible 85 lb after revealing his previous weight of 425 lb felt ‘torturous’.

At his heaviest, the British beast tipped the scales at a monstrous 433 lb. To maintain such mass Eddie used to crush over 12,000 calories a day, eating two complete English breakfasts. For us stateside that’s a plate of bacon, five sausages, eggs, baked beans, chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and toast with butter.

Last week the iconic deadlift world record holder revealed to his 875,000 plus Instagram followers that he is a now ‘stable’ 26-stone – or 360 lbs if we’re keeping things American. He was able to achieve such a dramatic change by following a strict diet and incorporating cardio into his traditional weightlifting training. In total it’s taken him a year to get this far.

Hall says his newfound cardio training consisted of cycling, boxing, and his first sporting love: swimming. However, things had to be changed slightly to accommodate his hulking frame. Eddie has told interviewers that ‘cardio training for big guys is unique, you have to adapt it so that you don’t lose muscle and you don’t tire out’.

According to the 6’ 3” giant, he did it all because ‘he wanted to live a healthier life’. He said he felt ‘the sun was setting on his life’ and decided to make a change for his family. Apparently, Hall is looking to continue his fat loss journey, whilst wanting to gain even more impressive lean mass.

Eddie Talks His Strongman Career

When asked if the champion would be returning to strongman competition, Eddie was clear. ‘For the people that keep asking why I don’t compete at the worlds strongest man anymore…Simple: I choose to live a healthier life now and enjoy the fruits of my labor’

At this point, Hall has achieved so many feats in the world of strongman that he’ll leave an exciting legacy post-retirement.

The question is, can the highly competitive ‘Beast’ leave the arena behind him? Will he transition into bodybuilding or potentially make a move to the powerlifting front? Only time will tell on the matter, but we wish him the best of luck whatever he decides.

Do you think Eddie can leave competition behind him? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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