Damaging Effects of Steroids Revealed By Powerlifter


World record-breaking power-lifter lifts the lid on how harmful steroid use really is. 

Let’s face it, not many people like talking about steroids, especially those who use them.

All we see is a swole and shredded physique, but it leaves you wondering what their organs look like…

Well, now, Larry Williams (nicknamed ‘Wheels’ for his sizable legs), has opened up about his past steroid usage, and how it started to seriously affect his life.

He wanted to become a Demi-God or Comic Book hero

Through a video on his YouTube account (which has since been removed), Larry ‘Wheels’ Williams stated that he experienced alcohol and drug problems during his teenage years.

At the age of 21, he finally felt ready to kick his dirty habits to the curb. But he only replaced ‘one vice with another, and that was steroids‘.

Ultimately, it was his friend that provided information about ‘injection sites, dosages, starter roids.’

As he continued his fitness journey and his love for powerlifting grew, he only increased his steroid usage – believing that ‘more’ was better at first.

Speaking in his video, Larry Williams stated: “I loved powerlifting. I wanted to get bigger, I wanted to get stronger, I wanted to get ripped. 

“I wanted to be a demigod to say the least. I wanted to be a comic book hero.” 

At this point, Larry claims that he was taking 1,200mg testosterone, alongside a cocktail of other PED including pro-hormones, trenbolone and dianabol.


Changing his approach

During this time, Larry Williams built a formidable physique. He found success as a power-lifter, but while he looked like a beast, he constantly felt ‘terrible’.

In his video, Larry said: “I felt miserable. My stomach felt like there was a living rat eating away at my intestines.”

At this point, he decided to make a change and cut down on his steroid use; one thing we respect, is that he doesn’t claim to be completely ‘clean’, instead asserting that he uses significantly less testosterone and anadrol without experiencing many side effects.

However, he does state that his ‘head blows up like a tomato’ when he goes to tie his shoes in the morning – which he believes is a side effect of high blood pressure from his PED usage.

Currently, Larry Williams revealed that he takes 500mg testosterone and 150mg anadrol.

Larry has received much respect from the bodybuilding community

There’s not many honest bodybuilders that are open about their steroid use in modern times.

Rich Piana was arguably the most ‘real’ fitness icon when it came to steroid use, but others will flat-out deny that they’ve touched steroids.

For this reason, the bodybuilding community has responded very positively to Larry ‘Wheels’ Williams’ video, with one user commenting: “Finally someone massive and wicket strong who isn’t dishonest.” 

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