Dallas McCarver Autopsy Report: A Sad Insight into Steroid Abuse Effects


Dallas McCarver’s untimely death was an event that shook the entire bodybuilding industry. The 6’1″ giant was earmarked for huge things, after earning his pro card at the young age of 21.

In 2016 he placed 8th in Mr Olympia, which isn’t all that bad given his age and relative inexperience when compared to the other athletes on stage.  He was certainly a contender and a very exciting athlete to watch.

During the 2017 Arnold Classic in Austrialia though, Dallas fainted. Just managing to pick himself up and get back to his routine. Nothing was really heard about the problems and Dallas seemingly got back to his training and preparations for his next competition.

On Monday 22nd August 2017, 26 year old McCarver was sadly found unconscious at his home in Florida. Surrounding him and in his esophagus was food, which led initial reports to assume the young athlete had choked on food.

Sadly Dallas didn’t make it and the bodybuilding community was left in shock. Countless messages and tributes were made to one of the hottest prospects of recent memory.


Autopsy Results

3 months after the death the autopsy results were released. And, it was revealed that the death of McCarver wasn’t choking, but severe cardiomegaly, or abnormal enlargement of the heart.

To put this in perspective, his heart weighed 833g, whereas a normal healthy humans would weigh around 300g.

The enlarged heart triggered an “un-witnessed acute cardiac event”, which sadly killed Dallas.

HGH and steroids have a long history of causing cardiac issues and it’s an irrefutable fact that they can enlarge the heart. The autopsy points out that chronic use of exogenous steroids and non-steroid hormones would have been a big factor. Listing them as contributing conditions.

Dallas then, had seemingly pushed his body too hard. Which is both a tragedy and a lesson. By comparison to the previously deceased Rich Piana, Dallas’ heart still weighed more. With Rich Pianas weighing 670g’s.

Dallas McCarver Autopsy

Whilst it’s fair to say that steroids and hormones weren’t the only thing responsible for the death of Dallas, the evidence does point to an abusive amount of the drugs used.

In the toxicology report it was found that his his levels of testosterone were at 550ng/ml. And also in his system was tren or trenbolone as it’s called in the report. Which is a very harsh bodybuilding steroid. Using the tren alone, would leave you open to serious issues and a very very high blood pressure. Combining high amounts of tren with other steroids, is a match made in hell.

It’s important to keep things balanced and stay within limits if you are going to be cycling any form of drug to enhance your performance. This keeps the gains coming and your organs as safe as possible. But there will always be risks.

With Dallas passing as young as he did, you’ve sort of got to ask the question about when steroid use becomes a full drug problem. Bodybuilding today wouldn’t exist without these types of drugs, but with physiques getting bigger and bigger, is it time to look at honing things in a little?

Without a doubt the young American was a talented prospect, but ultimately it was shooting for too much, too young, which led to his passing.


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  1. Can we all just agree that there is no ‘safe’ usage of steroids. These synthetics have been designed to alter the body’s natural chemistry and excessive amounts lead to premature medical disasters and tragedies such as this one. The naysayers will argue, if steroids were toxic they would have the same effect on every athlete taking them. Rubbish. Take an Aspirin. Does it have the same effect on every individual? Of course not. The human body is a complex and diverse machine that absorbs what it consumes in different ways. No two bodies are alike. So, one person eats strawberry jam and enjoys the sweet taste. Another eats the same jam and goes into anaphylaxis from a pre-disposed allergic reaction. Steroids are an accelerant – nothing more. They place the body’s natural hormonal processes in an advanced state of development which leads to a more hyper-state of over-all development. The problem, of course, is that they do not simply attach to the receptors of muscles, making them grow faster. They go after virtually all of the bodily functions necessary to sustain such unnatural growth, including heart rate, lung capacity, liver functioning and blood pressure. So, you’re in a super human state of evolution for which the body was never designed. You’re growing at a rate twice or three times the normal individual. You’re also aging your organs at approximately the same pace. Abuse steroids and, well…you accelerate the process further and to your own detriment. The fate that befell Dallas McCarver ought never strike any athlete in his/her prime. But Dallas likely had a heart condition he knew nothing about that may or may not have killed him at the age of 40 or 50 or even 60 under normal wear and tear. As his lifestyle was anything but normal, neither were the circumstances surrounding his death. Did steroids cause his death? Let us say they certainly helped make it a reality well before the natural expiration of his own life expectancy. That much is for certain. You could give another bodybuilder of the same age, height and weight the very same concoction Dallas took and he might experience little more than an unsightly outbreak of acne on his back and shoulders. Does that mean what Dallas took is safe for others, safe for most, or safe for some? Or does it simply mean without an intuitive understanding of your own human physiology from the inside out you are taking your life in your hands? Do the math, folks. There is no such thing as a safe steroid. Take them and you may be one of the lucky ones who lives the idyllic Arnold Schwarzenegger life story. Then again, you may not. It’s up to you. Is it worth it? I have a strong suspicion the late Mr. McCarver would strongly disagree.

  2. 550 ng/ml = 55000 ng/dl
    “normal range in males is about 270 to 1070 ng/dL”
    So he was at 100 times the normal level. Have 100 times the normal level of almost anything in your body will cause problems.

  3. This just goes to show you why mother nature, in all her wisdom, reduces testosterone as we age. The benefit is that it protects aging organs from the effects of androgenic compounds. Furthermore, most bodybuilders don’t age gracefully, and once the test is gone, their left with a body that’s in far worse shape than it would have been if they had not used steroids. I’ll just be happy with my 16 inch arms and 44 inch chest. No drugs for me.

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