CT Fletcher in Hospital for Heart Transplant

Original Iron Addict, CT Fletcher, is in hospital undergoing a heart transplant. On March 4th the 2x World Bench Press Champion was waiting for a heart to be found, so the transplant could go ahead.

The good news is that it seems that heart has been found as on the 5th March 2018. CT posted a photo of himself sitting upright in a hospital bed, stating that he’s not accepting visitors as they’d seem him after his transplant.

Typically of CT Fletcher, this shows a resolve and confidence in what are pretty shitty times. Heart transplants do fail and the survival rate to three years after the surgery is around 75%. Which, aren’t nice stats when it’s your life on the line.


CT though, who had a heart attack in June 2017 isn’t giving up hope at all. We’re pretty sure the athlete will pull through; during open heart surgery he flat lined 3 times and still came back!

A source of motivation for thousands

Known for his crazy motivational videos and push to be the best version of yourself, CT is someone who’d adored by hundreds of thousands.

He’s fought his entire life, so we doubt this latest problem will be any different. There’s going to need to be a long period of rest after this latest surgery, but we hope all goes well and we get to hear from CT soon.

You can watch CT’s public last will and testament video below. Beware though, it’ll get you right in the feels.


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  1. Yeah baby! Beat mother fucker beat! Pump that blood into my veins mother fucker! That’s what I can hear him say. He’ll pull through.

  2. Mr. Fletcher I am praying for you, you can do all things in Jesus name. You motivate me all the time I have a pacemaker this is my 5th one so stay positive.

  3. I commanded you to live!!! I start every workout with you, every MF day!!! Not just the gym but in the rest of my life also, in Jesus name “AMEN!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  4. Hey brother with God all things are possible. God bless you with your new heart your in my prayers ! Your a great motivator would love you meet you one day! God bless you and your family!

  5. This Guy Harry Is Cursing And Saying In Jesus Name. That Is not Rite Don’t Play with God Bro. Well CT Hope You Feel Better to Believe In God Remember Nothing Is Impossible For Him Everything IS Possible In God’s Hands. You Have Been An Inspiration In My Work out life Thanks For Dedicating Your Time to Motivate and train Other. God Bless You And Your Family And Seek God Cause He Is Coming Soon, And You Don’t Want To Loose You Soul.

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