C.T. Fletcher Heart Surgery Successful


A few days ago C.T. Fletcher announced that a replacement heart had been found for him.  The Iron Addicts founder has been waiting for the news since he suffered another bad heart attack last June.

It’s been a rough ride for C.T., but it seems like things might finally be on the up as he has announced the transplant, which took over 11 hours to complete, was a success yesterday.

Post surgery CT took to social media to say:


And also later shared a video, addressing all the Iron Addicts who have been sending well wishes and praying for him;

“thank you, it’s the very least I could say and it’s definitely not enough.” Ending the video promising that he’s going to be “cussing at the again fans soon enough.”

C.T. seems in good spirits and everyone at Spot Me Bro is hoping me makes a full and quick recovery.

You can watch the video below:

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