BREAKING NEWS: Rich Piana Autopsy Report Released


The latest coroner report still doesn’t determine the exact cause of Rich Piana’s death, but they have found numerous health issues. 

It’s been almost 3 months since the fitness icon passed away, and many have wondered what the cause of Rich Piana’s death really was.

Many haters began to instantly claim that steroids would have been the cause, but now his autopsy has been revealed so that you can see for yourself.

You can see the papers in this link here:

Health Issues

The papers are quite long and complicated, so we’ll give you a quick summary in this section.

Basically, here’s the health issues Rich Piana experienced:

  • Significant heart disease
  • Mild coronary atherosclerosis
  • Fatty liver
  • Congested thyroid
  • Congested spleen
  • Congested and discolored kidneys
  • Ischemic brain tissue and brain swelling
  • Accumulation of protein containing fluid in the abs


Cause of Death Unofficial

Although Rich Piana’s autopsy revealed health issues, the officials failed to come to a conclusion about the exact cause of his death.

Speaking to Men’s Health, The Florida District Six Medical Examiner’s Office said: “We did not perform toxicology analysis due to the admission specimins being discarded well before his date of death. 

“The findings do not provide for any indication that drugs played a role in his death. The findings actually provide indication of an enlarged heart.” 

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  1. Rich was an awesome guy and took body building to the extreme he was and icon of icons and fearless when it came to pushing is he’s self to the extreme level of not only body builing but life rest in peace man.

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