Brad Castleberry Finally Seen Lifting REAL Weights!


He’s known for lifting fake weights, but Brad Castleberry looks pretty strong when lifting for real.

You read that right. We have finally seen Brad Castleberry lifting real weights on an Instagram video.

While browsing bro’s all over the world, we inevitably bumped into Brad and his Instagram account. But we were actually shocked to find that he was in Gold’s Gym lifting real dumbbells on November 15th.

Not only that, as the dumbbells were 200lbs (90kg) each, he legit looks pretty strong. Brad-Castleberry-Finally-Seen-Lifting-REAL-Weights-1

Confirmed By Kenny K.O

A popular YouTuber has been criticizing Brad Castleberry since he first began posting fake-weight videos on social media.

However, he seemed to agree with our first impressions; he posted an analysis video, proving that Brad Castleberry has completed his first ‘real’ big lift on video.

Speaking on his video, Kenny K.O says: “For once guys, he actually gets a round of applause from me, as I do believe he did a real lift.

“So he’s a Gold’s Gym, which is a good thing, he’s outside of his usual gym so he can’t bring his 24 hour plates or it’d be a huge red flag. He can’t do his usual shady type stuff like he does at his home gym. 

“At Gold’s, these are real dumbbells, 200lb dumbbells…granted he didn’t lock out on the third rep, but i’ll give it to him, he got about 3 reps on the 200lb incline dumbbell.” 

Kenny then finishes with the question many will now be asking: “I don’t understand why Brad has to use the fake weights because he’s already a really strong guy.” 

Will We See Brad Ditching His Fake Weights?

Hopefully, this will be the start of Brad ‘coming clean’ and starting to use real weights on all of his Instagram videos.

He could really gain some respect if he continues showing his true strength; Kenny K.O (one of his biggest critics on YouTube) even praised him for the video in Gold’s Gym.

However, Brad seemed pretty awkward during his video in Gold’s Gym – and he seemed too uncomfortable to celebrate his lift like he does at his ‘home’ 24 hour gym.

So it doesn’t seem likely that Brad will train frequently in Gold’s Gym, where he can’t fake lift with his custom fake weights…

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