Bodybuilding To Be Part Of 2018 South American Games


The IFBB has announced that classic bodybuilding, men’s physique, bikini fitness and women’s fitness are due to appear at the South American games in 2018.

IFBB President Rafael Santonja met with the President of the Bolivian Olympic Committee (COB) – Marco Antonio Arze Mendoz last month.

He thanked him for the support he’d offered the IFBB as bodybuilding becomes part of the South American Games for the very first time.

History of the South American Games

According to Wikipedia, The South American Games can be defined as the following:

The South American Games (also known as ODESUR Games), formerly the Southern Cross Games is a regional multi-sport event held between nations from South America, organized by the South American Sports Organization

The first games were held in 1978 in Bolivia, and have been held every four years ever since then.

Each edition of the games has seen an ever increasing amount of athletes participate. The number of events has increased from 16 sports in the first edition, to 33 sports in the last edition – which was held in Santiago, Chile in 2014.


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Should Bodybuilding Be Part of The Olympics?

Now that bodybuilding has found its way into the South American Games, will that lead it on the path into the Olympic games?

Currently, weightlifting is included as a sport within the Olympic games. But, bodybuilding has never been featured within the Olympic games as of yet.

Many claim that bodybuilding has no place on the Olympic stage, including Men’s XP, who say that bodybuilding shouldn’t form part of the Olympics, as it cannot be considered to be a sport.

Here’s what they had to say regarding the matter:

“This is the actual definition of a sport- an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against one another. Though bodybuilding requires extreme physical training like any other sport, there isn’t any skill involved during competition day. Bodybuilders aren’t judged by how intense their training was, or how much they squatted or how perfect their lifting technique is. They are solely judged based on how they look. Thus, bodybuilding fails at the very first criteria of being considered a sport”.


Do you think that fitness and bodybuilding has a place within Olympic sport?

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