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Secret Tips For a Smaller Waist

If you’re looking to get a smaller waist like the classic bodybuilders of yesteryear, then we have everything you need make it happen.

If you think endless crunches and sit-ups will make your waist smaller, think again!

Okay, let’s not forget about diet, that should be number 1 on your priority list to a smaller waist, but when to comes to vacuuming, nothing beats it.

What Is The Vacuum Exercise?

The vacuum exercise is an exercise that requires the contraction of internal abdomen muscles in an inward fashion.

These muscles are primarily the transverse abdominal muscles.

There are a number of ways you can perform this exercise. But, in basic terms you need to squeeze your stomach in towards your spine for as long as possible in sequences of sets.

If you do this everyday, then after 1 month, you’ll see your waist tighter, stronger and more defined (with the correct diet in place of course).

Benefits To Vacuuming?

Apart from the obvious of having a more toned and firmer waist, you’ll also see slight improvements in your mental health, and lung capacity.

Why is this?

By practicing deep breathing and holding your breath – which is required for vacuuming, you’ll increase the amount of air your lungs can hold while at the same time you’ll increase blood flow, and many feel good hormones.

Did you know that your parasympathetic nervous system is linked directly to a nerve running from your brain right down to your abdomen?

This is a key element as to why you will feel more relaxed after practicing deep breathing during vacuuming.

It can also lower blood pressure and slow down your heart rate, which may be especially useful if you are someone who leads a high stress lifestyle.

Some of the benefits experienced during deep breathing:

  • Tighter & firmer waist
  • Greater lung capacity
  • Sense of well-being and relaxation

How To Perform Vacuuming

Here are the most common ways you can practice vacuuming. As a basic principle, you’ll want to start off by doing:

  • 3 sets of 20 second holds (build up time/sets once mastered).


  • Back

Lie on your back and relax your entire body. If it helps, place one, or both of your hands on your stomach. Then, pull your stomach as far in as possible and hold for 20 seconds.

Once you have done that, take a few deep breaths to relax your abdomen, and the rest of your body and repeat.

  • Front 

This principle is the same, but this time you’ll be doing it the opposite way around, where you’ll lie on your front and pull your stomach off the ground towards your spine.


You can perform this at your desk, in the car on the way to work, or kneeling down in the comfort of your own home.

If you find it easier, you can put one hand on your stomach, and one hand on your back.

This may help you to focus on the muscles your contracting, while at the same time, helping you to hold the abdomen in for longer periods of time.


With feet shoulder width apart, and with either your hands on your hips, on your head, or front and back like the sitting position, pull your stomach inwards and hold for the desired time.

As you can see, the exercise doesn’t change, only the position you find most comfortable, and effective. 

Advanced Techniques

The String Method

If you want to go the extra mile, you can use the string method. As you’ve already probably guessed, this is a method where you tie a string around your waist to force yourself to hold your abdomen in throughout the day.

To do this you’ll need to pull your stomach in half or 3/4 of the way, and then tie a string around your core.

The reason you only do it half of the way it to make it realistic – could you imagine holding your stomach in 100% of the way, all day? No, neither could I.

Do this everyday for a week and you’ll be sure to notice some results. This method may also help you to eat smaller portions to avoid expanding the stomach.

Opposite Contraction During Exercise

The next time it comes to ab day in the gym or at home, try this one out for size.

When you perform a crunch, sit up, leg raise, or any movement for that matter where on the ‘pause’ of the movement your abs are relaxed, you will pull your stomach in as if vacuuming.

By pulling your stomach in on every ‘pause’ or ‘opposite’ part of the movement, you’ll effectively be performing vacuuming throughout your whole workout – strengthening your core in the process and creating more control, balance, and discipline throughout the movements.

Conclusion To Vacuuming

There you have it, some simple and effective tips to get you closer towards your goals of having a smaller waist.

One thing to recap on is your diet, this needs to be ‘on point.’ Get this right, and after dropping some excess weight, you’ll start to see a smaller waist in no time with this classic bodybuilding method.

If you need an extra hand in dropping some weight, why not check out our best fat burners – there you’ll find premium thermogenics that have been tested by pro athletes.

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