Flex Wheeler Talks About The Depression of Losing Gains

It doesn’t matter who you are, losing gains can lead to a real bout of depression. After all, bodybuilders are also just humans.

When you’re at the peak of your lifting life or leading up to it, you think that you’re untouchable and that you’ll stay this jacked forever. But reality just doesn’t work that way. We have unexpected curve balls thrown straight at us and we don’t always know what to expect from it.

It’s one thing losing gains when you’re lifting weights to improve your physique, but it’s an entirely different story when your livelihood depends on your body’s ability to lift weights and stand on a stage in front of thousands of spectators.

That could either be as a result of suffering from an injury or professional bodybuilders who step down from their sport to live a retired life.

Such was the case for Flex Wheeler. After being in a near-death car accident, Flex lost a good amount of his gains and seeing his fellow competitors on the Olympia stage made him feel depressed because he wasn’t able to “keep up” with them.

In the video below, Flex opens up and describes what it’s like falling depressed like he did.

What are your thoughts? Have any of you had to deal with the depression of losing gains or any kind of bodily injury that slowed down your progress or put your life on hold, and how did you overcome it?

Let us know!

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