WATCH: Tom Platz Still Going Harder Than Most Young Bloods

We all know Tom Platz as being the man who changed leg day forever. Before Platz came onto the bodybuilding scene, bodybuilders thought that they were going HAM on leg day with their cute squat and leg extension routine — oh and lest we forget some leg presses.

Bodybuilders may have thought that supersetting leg extensions and hack squats together was the epitome of leg day intensity. Yet again, Platz came and destroyed that. If intensity had a human form, it would be that of the Golden Eagle, Tom Platz.

Just to give you an example of this man’s level of intensity; Platz would perform a set of squats for 10 solid minutes. No, there were no breaks in between, no rest periods, nothing. 10 minutes of non-stop squatting.

How many people do you know who is able to do that? I can’t think of any.

Well, fast-forward a few years up until 2017 and Platz is still at it, right where he’s at home — the squat rack. One would think that he was conceived in a squat rack, on leg day. Makes sense, though.

Platz says that training with powerlifters helped lay the foundation that set him on his path to becoming a squatting sensei and ultimately, the Quadfather. Widely known as the man with the best set of wheels throughout all the bodybuilding generations; who would’ve thought that squats would start it all…

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