WATCH: Regan Grimes Looking Like A Machine Days Out from NY Pro

Planet earth? Never heard of it.

two images of ifbb pro regan grimes

A while back, I wrote an article about Regan Grimes being the possible future of bodybuilding. At the time of that article, Grimes was already quite deep in prep for a bodybuilding show, the New York Pro.

The progress update photo that we posted showed an already-tremendous Regan Grimes at the time that we posted it. But in a recent YouTube video, Grimes takes us through a day in the life where we get to see how he trains, eats, and just does everyday normal things.

Grimes is a phenomenal bodybuilder; he’s young, has great shape, size & symmetry, and he’s already an Pro IFBB bodybuilder.

Grimes earned his Pro Card at the 2016 Arnold Classic in Brazil. Since then he has been training his ass off and we’ll get to witness the results of his training at the upcoming New York Pro.

His career is just about to take off and we can see a bright future ahead for this young bodybuilder.

Does Regan Grimes have what it takes to win his first Pro show? Give us your thoughts about his physique and future predictions.

I predict that he could very well end up in the Olympia top 3 within the next 5 years. That’s a pretty daring prediction to make, but he definitely has the correct genetics for this sport.

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