WATCH: Lee Priest Tears Shawn Ray a New One

Lee is an absolute savage!

lee priest and shawn ray

When it comes to bodybuilders who are outspoken and don’t reserve anything when giving their opinions or thoughts on something, not many come to mind, except for one — Lee Priest.

Lee Priest, the bodybuilder who got banned from the IFBB for being an open and honest man. Not many can walk around and not give any fudges the way that this man does. It’s like he has no filter.

In his YouTube videos, Priest goes on regular rants about matters in life or in this case, people. Priest has torn many an A-hole in these videos, and in this gem that we picked up, it’s Shawn Ray getting the brunt of it.

Shawn and Lee have been competitors in the bodybuilding circuit for longer than I’ve been alive. Suffice it to say, they go way back.

And with all things competitive, some callus’s tend to form. Lee and Shawn haven’t been the best of buddies — on and off the stage.

Fans would usually pit the two bodybuilders together because of their height and weight similarities, and of course, it would spark controversy and, in some cases, drama.

Sparking this drama, however, (albeit unintentionally) was someone taking to Instagram and making mention that Priest was “the best 212”, and apparently someone didn’t agree with this.

Of course, that someone wouldn’t. He’s entitled to think and believe what he wants to, after all.

I wouldn’t say that Lee took to YouTube to unload his frustration about the whole matter, but that’s not to say that he won’t give you a piece of his mind when the subject has been breached.

Shawn Ray’s “tearing” erupted when Lee was asked, by a fan, what the deal is between him and Shawn.

Here’s what Lee had to say:

What do you think — would Shawn have bested Lee or vice versa? Would either of them have been able to destroy today’s top 212 competitors or would they have to take a backseat? Let us know!

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