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Try This Highly Effective Chest Workout to Grow Lean Muscle Mass


While many people believe it’s impossible to grow muscle mass without gaining body fat, the truth is that it’s more or less achievable if a person follows a proper diet and training program.

If you want to increase the size of your chest without adding unnecessary pounds of body fat, then you should try the chest workout created by Vince Gironda. He believed that by following this simple but effective workout everyone can make their chest stronger and bigger without worrying about gaining useless fat.

This workout consists of five different exercises and requires a person to perform 8 sets of every exercise. Also, every set consists of eight reps and has to be performed by using 70% of your one rep max while resting only for 20-30 seconds between sets.

As you might realize, this workout is quite short as you need to perform only 8 reps per set and rest only 20-30 seconds between sets. Due to this format, the workout is quite intense and makes sure that the chest gets plenty of work to grow even bigger and stronger. If you want to try Gironda’s chest workout, then see the exercises you need to perform below.

1. Barbell Bench Presses

Start the workout by performing 8×8 barbell bench presses. To make sure you perform this exercise properly, begin it by lying down on a bench. Lift the bar off the rack and lower it towards your chest. Then, press the barbell up until your elbows lock out and repeat the same process again. Also, make sure your back is straight while doing bench presses because bending the back while doing this exercise can result in injuries.

2. Dumbbell Flat Bench Flies

The second exercise you should perform is the dumbbell flat bench fly. Begin it by lying down on a flat bench and by holding the dumbbells in your hands. Raise the dumbbells from the sides of your body up above your chest and finish it by lowering the dumbbells back to the sides of your body.


3. Incline Dumbbell Presses

While the first two exercises were concentrated on your inner chest, incline dumbbell presses are more effective for targeting upper chest. This is because you need to use an incline bench, which positions your upper body slightly above lower body while doing this exercise.

Begin the exercise by lying down on an incline bench press. Lift the dumbbells above your body and then slowly lower the dumbbells down and perform this exercise until you complete 8 reps.

4. Decline Smith Machine Presses

Perform decline Smith Machine presses to make sure your lower chest gets plenty of work. This is highly important as most chest exercises target inner chest, so some bodybuilders don’t give enough attention to their upper and lower chest.

You can avoid undertraining your lower chest by performing lower chest exercises like dips, incline push-ups, and regular decline bench presses.

Begin doing decline Smith Machine presses by lying down on a decline bench press under the Smith Machine. Position your arms slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and unlock the bar. Finally, lower the bar towards your chest and then move the bar up.

5. Incline Cable Flies

Finish this workout by using an incline bench at 45 degrees between two pulleys. Take a handle in each hand and move your arms closer to one another. Then, slightly bend your elbows while lowering your arms to both sides of your body until you feel how your chest stretches and continue by moving your arms closer to one another again.

If you’re able to do the five exercises while performing 8×8 while using 70% of your one rep max, then you’re capable of completing this workout. If it’s too hard, reduce the number of reps you do until you become strong enough to perform eight reps per set.

See the video about how to eat for mass below:

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