The Rise Of The BodyBuilder

How did it all start?

If you haven’t noticed, it seems that everybody wants to get into bodybuilding these days.

There are so many gyms opening and there is always a more competitive membership deals from one to the next.

Over the past 30 years, technology has created more desk jobs. We have comfier chairs, Email, Social Media, Amazon, eBay, Online Shopping, Just Eat & Next Day Delivery!

We are spending more and more time sitting and not enough time being active.

The human body is engineered to always be active. Before Technology became what it is today, we used to do more, farming the land, hunting, chopping wood and occasionally running up mountains.

Cue the Rocky 4 Soundtrack!

Where did Bodybuilding begin?

Once upon a time, back in the late 1800’s, there was this German guy called Friedrich Muller.

As a boy, Friederich was very frail and weak (as most boys are). His old man decided to take him from his homeland Germany and moved to Italy.

Eugen’s Dad believed that the fresh Italian sea air would help Little Friederich become stronger. It was nothing to do with his Fathers need for pasta or Italian women.

Then, one day; Friedrich Muller became ‘The Mighty’ Eugen Sandow – The Godfather of Bodybuilding! (He could have chosen any other name, but he decided to go with Eugen).

This is how Eugen helped to build the pyramids.

Eugen was trusted to advise The King Of England on how to get buff. He was a world famous athlete and The first bodybuilder/strong man to set up the first ever large scale bodybuilding competition (September 14th,1901).

The competition was named the best name ever for any competition…It was called ‘The Great Competition’ and was staged in London, UK.

The ‘Mighty’ Sandow passed away in 1925 at the age of 58.

Hope that you still have the Rocky Soundtrack playing. Here is a video of Sandow and his posing routine back in 1894! You can see that a lot has progressed in 123 years. Underwear, surprisingly, hasn’t changed that much.

The two Guys that Continued Sandow’s Vision

Joe and Ben Weider saw their opportunity and decided that they would start up a little company called The International Federation Of BodyBuilders or IFBB in 1946.

Obviously, the IFBB is still very much running today and actually holds over 2,000 annual competitions on a local, national and Global scale.

One of the most popular competitions is Mr Olympia where competitors get to compete to win ‘The Sandow Trophy’ (and a sizeable cash prize of course).

The IFBB is currently registered as a none profit organisation.

It is a founding member of IWGA (International World Games Association) and is also recognised around 90 national Olympic committees.

Unfortunately, the 2 brothers died between 2008 and 2013.Ben was 85 and Joe was 92.

These are the boys that are responsible for pretty much, every bodybuilding competition you have heard of or seen.

Their legacy will continue for generations to come. Talk about leaving a firm legacy behind! Nice job guys!

A couple of our favourites?

There are many different body builders who have made their way into the hall of fame. Here are 3 of our favourite male body builders, who we think deserve a mention…

Ronnie Coleman – The Monster!

This guy happens to be the largest ever competitor (at 297lbs) in the Mr Olympia competition and has won 1st place 8 times between the years of 1998 and 2005.

He is known for his crazy size but well-proportioned physique.

Arnold Schwarzenneger – Everybody’s Favourite!

Anyone who doesn’t know his name must have been sleeping under a rock for the past 40 years. Arnold won Mr Olympia 7 times between 1970 and 1980.

He was the youngest to ever win Mr Olympia at just 23 years old. He is now in his 70’s.

Lee Haney – The Inspirational One!

Lee Haney won Mr Olympia 8 times between the years of 1984 and 1991. Rather than shooting for stardom and fame in the movie industry, Lee decided to go another route and became a philanthropist. He set up a retreat on a 40-acre farm, for children to attend summer camp.

The Minerals Required To Be A Bodybuilder

The one thing in common that you will clearly see in many of the pro body builders is their freakishly large size.

Just looking at the bodybuilders above shows how much dedication is required in order to become a complete beast.

The Bottom line – Diet and rest is absolutely everything (and possibly steroids for some bodybuilders).

Here are the top elements that you need to have to become a bodybuilder.

A Gym Membership

Yeah we know, No shit Sherlock. The truth is, that you have to find a gym which suits you. Many people join a gym to meet friends and socialise.

You often see them prancing around the lifting equipment in their designer gear, whilst taking selfies. The simple fact is, you need a gym where you can focus and forget your surroundings for an hour.

Remember – Focus is your best pal in the gym!


You have to be willing to invest time into your workouts. Doing an hour once every week isn’t going to cut the mustard.

You need to go AT LEAST 3 times a week and an absolute minimum of one hour for each session. What’s the point in joining a gym to go once a week? Waste of money and let’s be honest, a lie to yourself.


Now that you are going to the gym 3 times a week, the ultimate test is how long you stick with your routine. Pro bodybuilders have been lifting for years.

Make this a lifestyle choice. You will have to make quite a few changes to see serious gains. Seriously consider quitting alcohol, tobacco and late nights.

If you don’t do any of this, then you are already off to a good start. The best piece of advice I have heard is…

Before you give up, remember why you started in the first place!


Eat, Eat again and then eat some more. Clean food by the way!

Do your research on exactly what you should be eating. Eating 3 double cheeseburgers does not count. Get plenty of protein.

Eat it, drink it, bathe in it if you want. It’s what is going to help you increase your muscle mass.

There are plenty of nutritional calculators online that will help you to see how much you need to be eating.

To start with have a look at how many calories you should be consuming and then start looking at Macro’s (which vitamins and minerals you need to make those gains).


Anabolic Steroids seem to be easy to get hold of these days. The biggest issue with steroids is that they have a lot of side effects and are ultimately bad for the body. They can give you high blood pressure, acne, sudden mood swings and difficulty sleeping.

Oh, and they make your dick shrivel up – Er, No Thanks!

There are so many supplement options on the market but where the hell do you start looking?

Protein Powder, BCAA, Pre-Workout Drinks, Post-Workout Shakes, Creatine…The list is endless. Try Testosterone boosters. We have seen the effects of a product called TestoFuel and it really works.

No bullshit, I started to take TestoFuel myself, in order to see if I could make a change to my body shape. It definitely gets my vote and this is why…

a picture of a natural testosterone booster helping people raise test levels naturally and fast, called TestoFuel

What happens with TestoFuel?

The supplement is 100% natural which means there are zero side effects. If anything TestoFuel has helped to put me in a much better mood and it definitely makes you feel more focused.

A really good libido booster as well as natural muscle gainer. I have put on around 6kg’s in 6 weeks.

This is also due to a good diet and a minimum of 3 weekly gym sessions and my belly has gone (nothing worse than being skinny fat). I was starting to look like a pregnant giraffe.

At 6ft4 and weighing in at 95kg’s and I am on track to achieve a body weight of 100kg’s in three months. This stuff totally kicks ass.

I have put a link through to the page when you click on the image. I really would highly recommend this product. It works, no questions considered.



As important, if not more important than the other points. Try to get at least 7 hours sleep a night. Your muscles need to recover and regenerate.

No more late night Netflix binges! I am starting to miss Breaking Bad.

So, Where is bodybuilding going?

The answer to this question is simple – Go Bigger, Go Stronger or Go and sit down and watch Netflix. 

The Social Media Celebrity days are here and everybody wants to be “a famous fitness model”. This has called for an explosion in the fitness industry. Supplement Industry revenue has also gone pretty mental over the past 10 years too.

The ‘Mighty’ Sandow had Roman God status back in the late 1800’s. The picture above was taken when Leaves were fashionable.

Arnie showed up and was like “Hasta La Vista Eugen, You hit like a vegetarian”.

Jay Cutler turned up (another favourite), completely jacked up on steroids and then he was like – “You do what you have to do to win – CUTLER SMASH!”, and then went on to win 15 titles including 1st place in Mr Olympia 4 times, between 2006 & 2010.

To be a true bodybuilder, a person needs to be prepared to sacrifice everything for the gym, sometimes even family and friends.

These people are a special breed of human being. To stay in shape is great. Even at 37 years old, but the world of bodybuilding is on a completely different level.

Remeber; Every person has a different win rate but if you ultimately have the dream to be a bodybuilder, then thoroughly research how the body works, nutrition plans and keep lifting heavy – very heavy!


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