5 Ways to Learn Whether You Produce Enough Testosterone

Know how well your body produces testosterone

There are many reasons why every man should care about his testosterone levels. After all, if the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone, then it causes such things as constant fatigue, higher risk of osteosclerosis, depression, increased fat tissue and other problems.

On the other hand, high testosterone levels make sure that a man has strong bones, increased muscle mass, plenty of energy, confidence, and a sharper mind. Simply put, by taking care your testosterone levels, you can become much healthier and better as an athlete.

To find whether your testosterone levels are healthy, try these simple but effective methods. Of course, they aren’t as precise as you can get from performing a blood test, but they are good enough to give you a general idea about your testosterone levels.

1. Being Fat

Being too fat causes testosterone levels to decrease because the more body fat you have, the more aromatase enzyme your body produces. This enzyme is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen, which is the reason why overweight guys have low levels of testosterone.

So, make sure to keep your body fat percentage less than 15%, and it won’t cause you any problems.

2. Your Type of Training

Short and intense weightlifting workouts that are performed in less than one hour are known for boosting the amount of testosterone the body can produce.

So, if you exercise for about one hour three times per week, then your testosterone levels should be fine.

However, after training for more than one hour, testosterone levels start to decrease, so it’s more beneficial to perform shorter but more intense workout.

Also, performing too much cardio or concentrating solely on endurance training might lower your testosterone production so perform cardio and endurance training moderately.

3. Nutrition

Another important factor in determining your testosterone levels is your nutrition. It’s known that men who eat high quality, organic foods with plenty of healthy fats, protein, zinc, and vitamin D have higher testosterone levels than those guys who eat processed, low-fat foods that contain too little nutrients.

If your diet is lacking in testosterone boosting foods, then eat such products like eggs, fish, nuts, olive oil, coconut, and cruciferous vegetables.

4. The Smell of Your Sweat

When men are still kids, their smell doesn’t have such a strong scent. However, when the same kids become teenagers and later adults, the scent of their sweat becomes stronger.

So, if your sweat is odorless, it might be the symptom of low testosterone levels. Also, if your smell changes its odor without any particular reason, this might be a symptom of a disease, so if that’s the case, then it’s worth visiting a doctor.

5. Age

After a man exceeds the age of 30, testosterone levels start to decline. While it decreases quite slowly, after one or two decades it makes a huge difference to testosterone levels compared to how high they were when the same person was in his twenties.

On the other hand, this testosterone decrease is more influenced due to decreasing physical activity rather than just from getting older. So, if you keep exercising year after year, then even after going over your fifties you won’t suffer from too low levels of testosterone.

As you might realize, it’s easy to keep your testosterone level in check if you follow simple healthy lifestyle rules like working out, eating nutritious foods, and not overexerting yourself. So, don’t worry even if your testosterone levels are low; just follow these simple recommendations and you’ll become healthier and better as an athlete.

See the video about testosterone boosting foods below:

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