This Guy’s Synthol Arms Exploded Like a Balloon

It shall be a good lesson to synthol users.



While some bodybuilders risk harming their health by using steroids to improve their physique and become stronger, the negative effects of steroids are nothing compared to what can happen if you overuse synthol.


In truth, synthol isn’t some sort of steroid — it’s an enhancement oil, which is made of 85% oil, 7,5% alcohol, and 7,5% lidocaine. However, synthol isn’t something new in bodybuilding and was used for many years by bodybuilders who wanted to make their lagging muscles to look bigger in a short period of time.

This is because using synthol gives you even faster results than using steroids, so it’s considered to be the fastest way to get jacked. On the other hand, synthol gains don’t make people stronger because synthol muscles aren’t real muscles; it’s just an imitation.


So, those who started overusing synthol were called synthol freaks, and surprisingly, they seem to be happy about their oily, less healthy muscles and to most people, disgusting to look at.

If you’re interested in why synthol has become so popular, the answer is that it spread in several Latin American countries, and then thanks to the internet spread in Brazil, Argentina, Columbia and other South American countries.


The good thing is that synthol doesn’t seem to get popular in other regions so at least for now we won’t see more synthol freaks from other countries. Another important reason why synthol is getting more popular in South America is because it takes less than one month to “grow” these fake muscles.


So, many young guys who aren’t serious about training and eating properly decide to take an easy way and use synthol because they believe that it’ll help them to look like real bodybuilders.

But due to cultural differences in South America, synthol freaks are appreciated as if they were real bodybuilders and that’s what allows them to become popular and respected by the general public.


Yet, the difference between a real bodybuilder and a synthol freak is too apparent, even to folks who know nothing about bodybuilding. Rather than looking cool, synthol freaks are often ridiculed if they are seen outside of South America.

While there are many risks to using synthol and perhaps more will be learned in the future, these are some of the most dangerous side effects of synthol:

  • Nerve damage
  • Infection
  • Skin rupture
  • Complete halt of natural muscle regeneration
  • Cysts — closed pockets of tissue that are filled with fluid, air, or other material
  • Vasculitis — the inflammation of blood vessels
  • Fibrosis — the thickening and scarring of connective tissue
  • Hard edema — the hardening of fluid build-up in tissues
  • And many other health risks…

But if you want to see one of the most horrible and painful things that can happen if you overuse synthol, then see how one synthol freak got his arm exploded like a balloon below:

As you can see, using synthol is a dangerous trend that can seriously harm people, especially if they are inexperienced and don’t know how to use synthol carefully.

So, rather than looking for easy ways to grow fake muscles, wouldn’t it be better to spend more time by learning about fitness and do your best to train and eat properly? If you think so too, then help your friends by sharing this post so that they could learn about the dangers of synthol.

See top 10 synthol freaks in the video below:

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