Could This Bodybuilder Pose A Threat to Flex Lewis’ Reign

Let's be honest for a minute...

a split image of nicolas vullioud and flex lewis

Enter Nicolas Vullioud. Hailing out of Switzerland, this young bodybuilder has been raking in first place wins as if they were dead leaves.

Vullioud started his life in the fitness world when he was at the tender age of 4 years taking part in artistic gymnastics. This laid a foundation for him to participate in sports such as soccer. However, a serious injury forced him to give up the sport.

It’s unfortunate that his years playing sports were brought to an end due to an injury, but without said injury, we would not have seen the rise of a bodybuilder worthy of challenging the current reigning 212 Mr. Olympia, Flex Lewis.

For the past few years, Lewis has been untouchable on-stage. There might have been one or two competitors who came close in certain poses, but as an overall package, Lewis is completely unbeatable, that is until Nicolas Vullioud started making a name for himself.

Have a look at the photo below:

Do you think that Villioud has what it takes to be a challenger for the 212 Olympia title? Give us your thoughts!

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