12 Ways Music Will Improve Your Training

Rock and roll to perfect that clean and jerk.


Do you sense your training becoming boring or stale? In that case, you should find what’s needed help you to stay motivated. It may be your relatives, inspirational videos or an athlete’s autobiography that’s helpful. But there is an easier and more enjoyable way to do so.

Listen to music.

That’s right. Music isn’t there just to have background noise at parties or spend time when you’re alone but also to skyrocket training achievements.

See the many benefits of listening to music while training below:

1. Boosts Blood Flow


Researchers found music creates positive emotions that increase your blood flow. And tissues requiring more blood while exercising are muscle tissues because blood transports oxygen to help cells synthesize energy and transport nutrients.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Performance


If you want to lose fat, maintain a stable weight or be healthy, then jogging is a good choice for your dose of cardio. But to get more benefits while jogging, you should listen to music. One study showed that listening to music helps you run faster and for longer periods of time, which makes cardio sessions more useful.

3. Numbs Pain


If you’re a beginner or returning from injury, you’re likely to feel more burn when exercising. It’s because your muscles get more work than they are accustomed to and require time to fight new challenges. There is where music becomes useful. Scientists claimed music decreases pain and lets you do more, harder exercises while shutting out that which would otherwise stop you.

4. Shortens Recovery Time

Muscular and handsome young man resting his chin on his hands, laying on wood planks looking at camera

If you eat before and after training and still feel tired, keep music on! Researchers explained that listening to music after training increase recovery speed and encourages you be relaxed at the same time.

5. Boosts Recovery After Disease


Finland researchers found that stroke patients became more positive after two hours of daily music sessions, which is an important factor to create the placebo effect. The placebo effect helps to recover faster by forcing the belief that you can do so, a notion tied to actual psychological and physical benefits.

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6. Sleep Benefits

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Sleep is important to get enough rest for tomorrow and increase growth hormone production. But if you have problems falling asleep, listen to music. Scientists showed that listening to classical music benefited students’ sleep by helping them fall asleep faster and requiring less time in bed to function properly.

7. Limits Stress

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If you feel stressed before starting exercises and want to keep results as high as possible, you should turn on upbeat music. One study discovered that due to stress, basketball players perform worse, so researchers told basketball players to listen to more music, which led to improved results.

8. Cool and Calm

calm bodybuilder

If you find yourself angry or worried, it’s good to have something that would help to relax. Researchers claimed that cardiovascular surgery patients became calmer when they listened to music before operations and helped surgeons decrease the risk of mistakes while doing heart surgery.

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9. Boosts Your Mood

happy bodybuilder

A 2013 study proved that when people listen to their favorite music, they become happier. And it’s good to be happy when exercising because it strengthens the belief in yourself, which encourages you to reach bigger and better achievements.

10. Enhances Endurance


Researchers discovered that when college students listened to music, they traveled with bicycles more than the group who went without music. It proves that great rhythm not only limits pain but also keeps you going for longer periods due to a distraction of thinking about how much you still need to do.

If you don’t like to ride a bicycle, no worries, it can also help you lift weights for longer periods of time, distracting the person in question ever so slightly from the task at hand.

11. Health Benefits

ehalthy bodybuilder

Most people can’t believe this, but in some medical centers, music is used as a part of the healing process. It’s because music makes people feel better and physicians claim it’s an important factor to quickly stand up after injuries and diseases.

12. Inspiration


When you listen to your favorite artists and know their biographies, you can remember that even if they were born rich or with a breathtaking voice, they needed to work hard to achieve success. When listening to them, remember for how many years they struggled to reach fame as an inspiration to go further.

But that’s just one course of inspiration; find what matters to you.

Watch this video about how music affects your brain below:

While scientists can’t agree what type of music is the most beneficial, it’s useful to ask what resonates with you the best. No matter if you love rock or rap, listen to what you love and enjoy top results with the music you like!

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