7 Things You Wish You Knew Before You Started Lifting


Your journey from being a thin or an obese individual to becoming a shredded bro has been great so far…is what you think.

We all know that you were clueless on the first day you ever stepped inside a gym; clueless about training, nutrition, supplements, mindset, commitment, discipline and the sacrifice it requires to develop that shredded body you are trying to achieve.

Here are 7 things you wished you knew before starting your bodybuilding journey.

You’ll realize that you have made many mistakes and have had to learn things the hard way, however, let this be a lesson for your friends who are just starting out.

1. You can Never Out-Train a Bad Diet

bad diet

This is the bitter reality but you have probably been doing this. You train very hard while feeding your body crap is what’s holding you back. It’s very simple! You can never out-train a bad diet. You can train as hard as you want until your eyes start to burn and it feels sore to sit on the toilet, you still won’t get the physique you want unless you have a good diet.

A good combination of diet and exercise can help you a lot. Nutrition is King!

2. Taking A Day Off Does Not Make You Fat

Taking a day Off Does Not Makes you Fat

Many of you love working out but hate taking rest days, thinking that it will make you fat. It may seem that taking a day off ruins all the progress but when you rest, your body recovers, giving you results.

This is the reason as to why some of the best athletes never workout every single day of the week. They know the about the benefits of rest days.

Working out 4-5 days a week is great. However, if you need to stay active during your rest day, you can still do some light exercises like aerobic or yoga or anything that is not stressful.

3. Building Muscle Takes Time – Lots of Time

Building Muscle Takes Time

One thing you must know is that building muscles takes a long time. Remember the first day you completed your workout and the third day you were asking your friends how your biceps looked?

Even after months of training, you still didn’t see the progress you expected. You simply underestimate how slow this process actually is and how much persistence is required to reach that level.

What you need to learn here is patience and optimism. Of course, frustration and disappointment are always there but consider it as a part of the game and you’ll be doing well throughout those months of training.


4. Clean Up Your Sleep, Bro

Clean up Your Sleep Bro

Going to the gym and watching your favorite shows on Netflix late at night might be holding you back from getting that hardcore physique.

When you are in your teenage years, you can stay up late but this doesn’t work well when you’re adulting. Unless you get enough sleep, those workouts are useless.

To ensure that you are maintaining a healthy body, in and out of the gym, try to get at least 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep.

5. Train in All Rep Ranges

Train in All Rep Ranges

You’ve probably bee training in a certain rep range all your life. You might be the guy who loves low-rep training with heavier weights or high-rep training with light weights.

The point here is that each rep range has its own benefits when it comes to muscle growth. You have to train yourself holistically to get that muscle mass on your body. The best way is to spend 1/3 of the workout time with 2-6 rep range (heavier weights), 1/3 with 7-12 rep range (put down a pound or two) and the remaining 1/3 with 13 till muscle failure (light weight).

6. Don’t Train to Failure Every Time

Don’t train to Failure Every time

I know it feels good when you reach muscle failure and bending bars. However, training yourself to failure every time comes at the expense of a damaged nervous system.

It is beneficial when it comes to muscle endurance and size but harmful in terms of strength gains.

7. Be Careful with the Advice

Be Careful with the Advice

Your first few months at the gym are usually like a ‘sheep without a shepherd’. You are hungry for advice from any chump who looks like he lifts.

Starting the foundational days at the gym with the wrong advice can be pretty disastrous in the long run.

It is always better to get advice from an experienced trainer. Unless you’ve hired them, they will usually guide you pretty much without charging a dime.

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