Watch Kevin Levrone Impersonating Ronnie Coleman and It’s Funny

This impersonation is pretty spot on!

kevin levrone

Kevin Levrone is an American IFBB professional bodybuilder, Hall of Famer, musician, and actor. Throughout his career, he has faced many injuries but this did not stop him from becoming a world-class bodybuilder. He also made his return to the Mr. Olympia in 2016 and inspired many by his incredible physique and determination for bodybuilding.

kevin levrone

His comeback blew the world away and as a veteran of bodybuilding for over twenty years, he is ranked among some of the best bodybuilders ever. Among these world-class bodybuilders, there is another popular name — Ronnie Coleman.

Ronnie wasn’t the great bodybuilder that we all know him to be today. When he first started his career in pursuit of the Olympia title, he was a nobody. Names like Levrone, Yates, Wheeler, Ray, all had full coverage of the limelights while Ronnie was coming in 15th place in his first Olympia.

Recently, we saw a video of Kevin Levrone, in which he was impersonating Ronnie Coleman and it’s pretty funny. He brought Coleman to the next level and somewhat tried to awaken the beast within.

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