Turns Out Jeff Seid is Natty — Unless You Count Photoshop

jeff seid


It’s been a topic ever since young Seid’s photo of him doing an overhead abdominal pose went viral a few years back. To this day Jeff has to fight off haters like a Jedi knight. We don’t really give a hoot as to whether you’re natty or a walking pharmacy. We just want the truth, and that’s exactly what Jeff gave us.

jeff seid

Our friend, Luimarco, found something pretty interesting. It involves Jeff, a hot tub, and two guys. If you’re thinking that it sounds like a plot the fourth installment of The Hangover, then you’re wrong. What it is, is Jeff hanging out with Chestbrah and some other inked up cat who thinks himself to be aesthetic. Moving on.

A while back Chestbrah posted a picture of these three gentlemen kicking it easy in a hot tub together. Recently Jeff posted the exact same picture, only this time around, Jeff is one jacked looking mutha. I doubt that he traveled back in time, did a cycle of tren and prop, redid the evening, came back to the present time and posted the picture. However, the idea of a time machine is a welcoming thought to almost all of us.

jeff seid

Now, Lui and all his detecting greatness, found these two pictures and did a comparison of them. “How bad is it?” you might ask. Bad enough that Jeff Seid even posted it. It now brings another aspect to the Jeff’s-not-natty conversation. Sure, he might be telling the truth about the fact that he doesn’t use ‘dat dere,’ but he’s got mad photoshop skills, brah.

Surely increasing your arm size digitally is just as much cheating as using some artificial hormones? Pros: No needles, no side effects, no gyno. Cons: Do you even lift?

jeff seid
Photoshop gains at its finest

Watch what our homeslice, Luimarco, has to say about it in his video on the next page. Jeff Seid, why you do dis?


I need to jump on some of that photoshop. Photoshop gains for the win.

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