Has Pro Bodybuilding Become Boring?

What's the last big pro show that you can name?

is bodybuilding boring

No, really, what’s the last pro show that you can name that’s generally regarded as a ‘big’ show? The Arnold? The Olympia?

If those are the only two shows that you’re able to name, then I’ve got sad news for you.

I love bodybuilding — it’s where my journey into fitness began. I was 15 years old when I started training, I bought muscle magazines and tore out a few pages of the legends of yesteryear and plastered it all over my bedroom wall.

Nine years later and those pictures are still there.

But in the present time, bodybuilding has lost the ability to capture the interest of its fans. Prestigious Pro shows aren’t what they used to be. Why is that?

Some say that it’s because of the lowered standards of what it takes to become a pro competitor. It’s easy to become a “pro” bodybuilder today. You either win a few local shows or you kiss some ass. As simple as that.

Back in the 90s, Pro line-ups were the stuff of legends. It was never a case of the winner looking heaps better than everyone else. The winner only looked a “little” better than the other competitors. That’s the high standard of competition that was present back then.

But today? It’s either you look good or you don’t.

YouTuber Tomn8er has a made a video on exactly this topic and explains why he things that bodybuilding has become boring and lost its flare.

Let us know what your thoughts are. If you think that bodybuilding has become boring, drop a comment and let us know why!

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