WATCH: Hidetada Yamagishi Mini Documentary

a split image of hidetada yamagishi

Hidetada Yamagishi is undoubtedly Japan’s most successful bodybuilder. He’s reached the pro circuit at a relatively young age and competed with the big dogs in the open category of the Olympia stage.

Lately, Yamagishi has been competing in the 212 category, which makes sense. He’s not a big guy and didn’t really stand a chance against the larger competitors. Although, he was never outdone by all of them which goes to show what an amazing physique he has.

The guys over at Generation Iron have filmed this mini documentary of Hide when he competed at the 2017 Arnold Classic in the 212 division.

This documentary gives us a more in-depth look at the Japanese bodybuilder which the first Generation Iron documentary did not offer. Sure, we got to see him compete at a show in order to qualify for the Olympia that year, but they never really showed his personality.

The video below allows us to discover a bit more about Hide. We hope you enjoy it!

What did you think of this documentary? Let us know if you like bodybuilding documentaries as much as we do!

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