Best Alcoholic Drink That Won’t Cause Man Boobs

IPA’s have the highest risk of causing gynecomastia (man boobs), while red wine might boost your testosterone levels. 

Whether you’re an elite bodybuilder, UFC fighter or general sport fanatic, you’ll enjoy having a beer once-in-a-while.

But did you know that some alcoholic drinks come with the risk of causing gynecomastia? If you’re unaware, gynecomastia is the formal name for the dreaded ‘man boobs’.

Let’s face it, no-one wants to be milking their man boobs anytime soon…But at the same time, you don’t want to be drinking soda at the bar with your friends either.

For this reason, we’re giving you a list of the best alcoholic drinks – that won’t increase your risk of suffering from gynecomastia.

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How To Get Drunk Without Getting Man Boobs

What To Avoid

IPA shown in a pub might cause man boobs

Right, so we’ll begin with the alcoholic beverage that you should avoid. And don’t worry, it’s not the most common beer.

Instead, it’s known as quite a ‘hipster’ drink – IPA (Indian Pale Ale).

So, why should you avoid IPA’s? Well, they contain high amounts of polyphenols; this can cause an increase in estrogen levels and lack of erections, while being able to decreasing your testosterone levels.

This side effect is known as ‘brewers droop’. It’s something you should avoid if you’re wanting to stay ‘strong’ in the bedroom (your wife will thank you for this).

But don’t worry brah, we won’t be advising you to just stay away from alcohol. We know that everyone enjoys a drink or two, so we’ll provide a suitable replacement for IPA below.

Best Alcoholic Drink That Won’t Cause Man Boobs

Red Wine

Red wine in a glass, showing it can increase testosterone and prevent gynecomastia man boobs

The top recommendation is red wine. You might be thinking ‘red wine is more of a girls drink’…but while you can smash pints of beer all night, you’ll struggle to drink more than 6 pints (around 3 bottles) of wine.

How does it work? 

Bascially, a study by Shufelt C [1] showed that red wine works as an AI (aromatase inhibitor); this means that it can prevent the conversion of androgens to estrogen, therefore helping to prevent man boobs.

Red wine is better than white wine 

Right, so if you prefer white wine, we have some bad news for you.

In the same study, it was proven that the subjects consuming red wine displayed higher free testosterone levels and lower SHBG levels (meaning their overall testosterone levels were higher) than those drinking white wine.

Not only that, studies have shown that resveratrol (a compound found in red wine) is able to reduce your risk of cardiovascular health and disease [2].

As a result, it’s obvious why red wine is the much better alternative to IPA’s.


While everyone knows that alcohol is bad for your gains, you can’t deny that you’ll have a drink at some point. But this shouldn’t be an excuse to consume heaps of red wine.

In fact, drinking too much alcohol (regardless of the drink) has shown to increase your risk of gyncomastia. So, in order to really avoid getting man boobs, it’s best to limit your alcohol consumption, but choose red wine when you do.


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