Eddie Hall’s 1100lbs Deadlift vs Ray Williams’ 1000lbs Squat

England's most famous strongman vs a record setting American powerlifter.


These two modern day titans of strength sports have been breaking the internet and dropping jaws with their superhuman strength. But which lift is more impressive? That’s what we’ll try and find out.


Let’s meet the contestants:

First up we got currently one of the most famous lifters in the world,

Eddie “The Beast” Hall

Eddie’s been the watercooler conversation topic among lifters and gym bros for some time now. He’s crazy strong, keeps breaking records (such as the one we are talking about now), is only 28 years old and every year his results just get better and better.

His best placement in the World’s Strongest Man competition came this year where he finished in third place right behind Game of Thrones star, Thor Bjornsson (1st place), and Brain Shaw (2nd place). Will 2017 be the year Eddie finally gets crowned as The World’s Strongest Man? We’ll have to wait to find out.


His rise to fame is also boosted by him posting entertaining stuff on his social media accounts, like him dumbbell chest pressing two gym partners:

…or benching, again, two of his gym bros:

It’s almost as if he’s gotten so strong that he has surpassed the classical concept of lifting. Thus, becoming the first person to actually leave humanity behind.

In July of this year, Eddie broke his own world record in deadlifts by lifting 1102lbs. How did he do it? Check it out below.


Impressive, right? Now let’s see how Ray Williams stacks up compared to Eddie.


Next in line is one of the strongest powerlifters today, meet…

Ray “Ray Ray” Williams

Though Ray Ray is lacking a bit in the social media department, he’s been setting skwaat records for quite some time. When asked how he developed such freakish lifting power, Ray Ray said “Cornbread and Buttermilk.” So there you have it folks; wanna develop world shattering power and look like you can rip a lion in half? Eat your Cornbread and drink your Buttermilk.


Here’s something to ponder about while you watch his impressive squat; he’s the first person ever to squat that much weight — RAW. No special lifting suit, no special knee wraps — only standard knee suspenders and a powerlifting singlet. Just a man and a bar with some plates on it. And when Ray squats, he goes deep. Deeper than Sasha Grey on a good day.


So without further ado, here’s the video of Williams squatting the equivalent of two adult grizzly bears from this October:


That is both terrifying and impressive at the same time. So, what did you think? Which is more impressive? The Englishman’s 1100lb deadlift of doom or the American’s squat of freedom and liberty?

Well let’s be clear about one thing: both of those lifts are impressive as hell and both of these men are stronger than 98% of the humans on this planet. However, this article was written to see who would come out on top, so a winner has to be declared, right?

Personally, after watching these two videos back-to-back I have to give the nod to the American. No straps and no lifting suit. Ray goes oldschool, he pits The Man against The Iron and the Iron lost. Not only did it lose but he made it look easy. Which is an accomplishment very few can claim.


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