Allen Iverson’s Hilarious Attitude Towards Lifting

"That sh*t is too heavy."


The Answer, A.I., Jewelz, whatever you want to call him, Allen Iverson was one of the greatest to ever grace the court. There’s no doubt he loved the game—and still does—but according to him, he wasn’t about to waste any time with the free weights.

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Iverson’s answer regarding his avoidance of the weight room over the years is just as you’d expect from him:

“That sh*t was too heavy”

At least he’s honest.

Most gym rats would suffer immediate outrage upon hearing an athlete didn’t even lift; however, let it be known that there are some natural born competitors roaming this earth who simply don’t need it. Don’t take this as an excuse to skip your next leg day, though, you’re not tearing up the court like Iverson.

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Basketball is a dynamic sport, and if one is playing at a high intensity often enough, you may just come away with the strength you need to excel at the game. Plyometrics, HIIT, and of course endurance cardio are all included in any given minute of basketball. Also, it’s not football, and Iverson wasn’t a defensive lineman, so we don’t see a need for him to be repping out deadlifts.

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Training Tip – Try a deload week or two consisting of dynamic, high-intensity sports such as basketball, football, hockey, or lacrosse. This cardio-intensive, bodyweight work could give your joints a break from the unnecessary sets of curls and bench press you did chasing a glory pump.

Besides, it’s a hell of a lot better cardio than suffering on a treadmill.

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