13 People Who Should Be Thrown Out of The Gym


The first month of 2017 is about to end. New years resolutions brought a lot of people to the gym throughout the world. While some were eager to learn about fitness and get into shape, others just did what they felt was right.

Such moments led to a few funny moments in the gym. Not to forget, the ignorance of these people could have led them to injure themselves or the people around them. We looked around for such people and these are the 13 types of people who should be thrown out of the gym:

1. Taking Rest Days to a New Level

13 People Whose Gym Memberships Should Be Canceled

You might have heard people joking about spending rest days sleeping in the gym, but this guy took it way too seriously. This gym turns out to be a really weird gym. Look at the guys in the background doing bicep curls while squatting on the incline bench.

2. Asking For a Spot From The Wrong Guy

There is a lesson to be learned here; don’t ask for a spot from someone who eyes you more than he should. Lifting weights with a view of someone’s crotch is not a place you would want yourself to be in. Also, avoid asking rookies for a spot.

3. The Aerobic Enthusiast

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It can be really intimidating to do some fancy aerobic stuff after watching some videos on the internet. Don’t go into the sets with too much energy. Notice how the other guy has no f*cks to give while our hero goes for a spin — literally.

4. The Prankster

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This bunch of people can be the most annoying in the gym. No one wants to be fooled around with while they’re working out. Such people should be banned from gyms the moment they do something like this.

5. Don’t Hurt Yourself

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This guy would be on his way to jail if working out with a bad form was a crime. We’re still trying to figure out if this guy is doing incline bench presses or some barbell front raises. Whatever it is, don’t try this at home.

6. Gym Creeps

Let’s face it, almost every gym has some creepers. You’ll either find them working out around girls or staring them down while they work out. These guys are one of the reason girls prefer staying away from the weights section.

7. The Overconfident

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It’s great if you’re trying to push yourself to new limits but at the same time, it’s also important for you to know your limits and workout accordingly. These incidents of complete body failure can prove disastrous in the long run.

8. Excercise Inventors

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Many people want to create something that people remember them by after they’re gone. Apparently, these guys are some of them. Just because you’re into CrossFit doesn’t mean you can get away with any weird exercise.

9. The Show Off

It’s good to pose and look at your body while working out. As Joe Weider once said, “For a guy like Arnold, a mirror is a tool for self-criticism. Looking at himself, a serious bodybuilder isn’t admiring, he’s looking for trouble. And he sees trouble, every time.” It’s all well and good until you become too obsessed and start showing off your body to other people in the gym.

10. The Screamer

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Working with weights can push you to your extremes, which can lead to some grunting every now and then. But if you’re using your loud grunting to impress someone in the gym, you should re-evaluate your approach. Screamers can be one of the most irritating people in the weight room.

11. No One Wants a Bro Scientist to be Their Coach

If you’ve been working out for some time, there is high probability you might have encountered someone like this in your gym. These are the people who think they know everything about working out and exercise science, but their logic and reasoning are actually full of crap.

12. The Guy Who Wants To Be Friends With Everyone

13 People Who Should Be Thrown Out of The Gym

Different people have different personalities. While some people join a gym to improve their physiques, there is this group of special people who are there to fill this empty hole in their lives. Folks, if you’re looking to make new friends, a club might be a better place for it.

13. The Sh!t Talker

No matter which part of the world you’re in, there are high chances your gym has some jealous people commenting on other people. Even Pro bodybuilders aren’t immune to this. These sh!t talkers usually want to be considered superior to people with the best physiques in the gym.

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