IMAX SHIFT: Ridiculous Fitness Studio Closes Its Doors

At what point did someone think this was a good idea?!


IMAX SHIFT failed to replicate the success of CrossFit & Zumba, closing its doors in June 2017. 

Just when we’d thought we’d seen it all…someone came out of nowhere to invent a new ‘trend’. The idea was that you could get fit while watching ‘beautiful’ scenery of the Swiss alps or Hawaii on a cinema screen.

A dozen people spinning while watching a big screen at IMAX SHIFT before it closed

It gained masses of media attention in 2016, but it seems like IMAX Shift never became a success – since it went out of business on the 6th June 2017.

At first, it might have sounded like a good idea, if you could watch Pumping Iron or some videos of HOT girls squatting away while cycling – something to get your blood pumping and testosterone levels rising while performing cardio.

However, spinning while watching a video of scenery passing by? You’ve got the be f*cking kidding me bro. I’d rather play bingo than do that (no hate towards bingo though, it’s a pretty serious sport…)

Check out the video below to see what you’ve missed out on…

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