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The 10 Laws for Hardgainers To Build Muscle


No matter which part of the world you live in, skinny guys in the gym always have this one same problem. They can’t gain weight or muscle mass.

They say they eat and eat and eat, but the needle on the scale just won’t budge. Hargainers blame their fast metabolism and genetics for the inability to build muscle. This isn’t true. The real reason is a lack of the right nutrition, sleep and under-training.

If you think you’re doing everything right and are still not able to build muscle, then this article is for you. Without any further ado, here are the 10 Laws for Hardgainers to build muscle:


1. Goals

hardgainer - goals

This is where most of the hardgainers fail. Skinny dudes will complain that they are not able to build muscle, but when you actually ask them how much muscle mass they want to put on in a month, their faces go blank.

Fail to prepare; prepare to fail.

You need to have a goal of how much weight and muscle mass you want to put on. Once you have determined that goal, break it down into small, short-term, achievable goals which you can do and complete on a daily basis.

An example of a short-term goal would be to eat every 2 hours. This will keep you on track, accountable and motivate you with those quick and easy wins.

2. Eat More


The things that sound easy aren’t actually as easy to do. Hardgainers complain of eating tonnes of food but to no use.

From the time you’ve started working out, your diet should have increased. If not so, you aren’t eating enough. When we say eat more, we mean, eat in the right quantity and quality. Don’t go and eat at McDonald’s every day.

One example of a very common macro stack is 40% carbs, 30%, protein and 30% fat.

Calculate your required calories as per your goals. Your required calories depend on factors like age, goal, sex, activity level, height and weight. If you’re intimidated by all the factors, don’t be. Use this calculator to calculate your required caloric intake.

You should be eating anywhere between 6 to 8 meals every day. Keep a gap of 2 hours between each meal. This will make sure your metabolism is soaring and you’re absorbing all the additional meals effectively.

3. Keep Your Workouts Short

Every time you pick up weights, you’re burning calories. So make sure your workouts are efficient and explosive.

This in no way means that you should cut your workouts short. You should be completing your normal workouts within 45 minutes. Just make sure you are taking ample rest between sets, and making full use of your time out from under the bar.

So, no more of that chit chat in the gym. Get right to business.

4. Fat and Carb Up!

Another mistake hardgainers make is they run away from fats and carbs. All they think about is protein.

Although they’re right about protein, fats and carbs are more important in the case of hardgainers. Fats and carbs give that bulky appearance to the body and make the muscles look fuller and rounder.

We only advise eating clean carbs and fats. Don’t eat processed food.


5. Cheat Meal

hardgainers - the rock

It is very important for skinny guys to have one huge cheat meal every week. Stay on course with your diet for the entire week, but don’t pass on that cheat meal.

Have all you like and can think of in one sitting. This will set your metabolism racing. With all the good food your body will be accustomed to, this cheat meal will come as a shock to it. Your body will have no other choice but to adapt to it and gain mass.

Have a cheat meal even The Rock would be proud of.

6. Move Less

Yes, you read it right. Following up on keeping the workouts short, hardgainers should stay away from physical work as much as possible.

You should be stacking up your calories so they are absorbed by the body. Calories are units of energy. They are used to measure how much energy we have gained and spent.

Your focus should be on spending as few calories as possible. The unused calories are then absorbed by the body in the form of macros like carbs, protein and fats that build muscle.

7. Sleep

This is where the magic happens. You can eat all you want, but you won’t see the results until you give your body the proper time it needs to recover and repair itself.

Hardgainers give their bodies a tough time by having short and explosive workouts and a big diet. The body soaks it when it is resting.

You should be sleeping anywhere between six to eight hours to see the best results. Like, seriosuly, gaining weight and muscle mass is just three things. Eat, work out and sleep.

8. Heavy Compound Movements

Since you’d be spending only 45 minutes in the gym, you need to make sure you are getting the bang for your buck.

You should be doing heavy compound movements like squats, bench press and deadlifts. Isolation movements like concentration curls and leg extensions are great to give your muscles that definition, but if you’re looking to gain muscle mass, compound movements are the way to go.


9. Keep Changing Your Training Program

Hardgainers need to consistently alter their nutrition and training to see results. If your body gets used to the diet or the training, it will cease to grow.

Don’t follow a training program for more than 12 weeks. Change it up a little or switch to a completely new training program.

The more you shock your muscles, the better results you’ll get. Start incorporating training techniques like the rest-pause principle, blood flow restriction training and negative reps.

10. Discipline

This is the reason most hardgainers are still where they were a year ago. They just can’t stick to the diet or the training. Their metabolism rate isn’t high and they don’t put in the work. It is easier to just blame their metabolism and genetics.

If you are really serious about building muscle, follow everything that is mentioned in this article, and you’ll be entitled to the gains.

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