Quest Bar Review: Are they the best protein bars in the world? Yes.

quest bar

What is a Quest Bar?

A Quest Bar is what’s described by the masses of the fitlife community as being the very definition of what delicious should be. Remember that Swiss chocolate your aunt brought back after her mini Eurotrip? Well, the Quest Bar is that plus protein, and then some; making it one stupid amazing protein bar! Have you ever made gainz that tasted that good? And for all the gluten intolerant folks, this bar is gluten-free.

What’s the Nitty-Gritty of This Quest Bar?

There is a huge selection of flavors that come with the Quest Bar, making it one of the most sought after protein bars on the market. Due to the vast selection, we’ve decided it best to list the most popular flavors and their nutritional content:

  • Cinnamon Roll – 170kcals, 24g carbs, 20g protein
  • Peanut Butter Supreme – 200kcals, 21g carbs, 20g protein
  • Vanilla Almond Crunch – 200kcals, 22g carbs, 20g protein
  • Chocolate Brownie – 170kcals, 24g carbs, 20g protein

Should You Add A Quest Bar to Your Diet?

As far as protein bars go, Quest Bars are at the top of the food chain. High quality whey protein isolates, more than 17 grams of fiber, a good serving of healthy fats easily make Quest Bars the best all-around protein bars in the world.

Protein bars are always a handy component to have, especially if you’ve forgotten to prepare a meal or you just don’t feel like getting up to cook your chicken. Unlike protein shakes, you can savor the taste of your Quest Bar and it’s somewhat more fulfilling than consuming a liquid form of protein.

If you’re caloric intake is thin because you’re prepping for a show or a photo shoot and are willing to replace some wholesome foods with one little bar, then go for it. If your goal isn’t to have abs popping during this period in your life, then I suggest you add one… or two. And now the box is empty. If you purchase via our links, we may receive a referral fee.