DJ MuscleBoy Is Back With Another Super Weird Track for Bros that Lift

You might remember DJ MuscleBoy from his epic and strange Christmas carol that we shared last year, if not then here’s a quick refresher…


If you’re not feeling the whole Christmas in July vibe, then check out the next page for some other choice tracks from the weird/so-bad-its-good DJ MuscleBoy.

Egill Einarsson is the real name of DJ MuscleBoy. He’s a Icelandic celebrity who hosts shows, stars in movies, lifts and coaches, models, singers, DJs, and even does motivational speeches.

He’s no boy-scout, though. DJ MuscleBoy has rustled plenty of feathers over in Iceland over legal troubles and alleged misogyny for quotables such as saying that feminists are “disgusting and ugly” and should have sex with masculine men so that they could act more “like normal women”.


One more on the last page.

DJ MuscleBoy has also written some best-selling books, believe it or not.

If this isn’t your cup of tea, check out the hands-down best gym song of all time, ever:

Pump Iron by Bob Couch

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