Big Ramy Looking Huge For The 2017 Mr. Olympia

Only a few more months to go until the Olympia.

It’s like the guy just can’t seem to stop growing.

Big Ramy has proved that he can, and will, be a threat to most competitors, and with good reason. The 300-plus pound mass monster shook the world when he first stepped foot on the Olympia stage for the first time, and from then on he kept exceeding the expectations of his fans in the size department.

Being the heaviest bodybuilder to compete at a prestigious bodybuilding event—a whole 316 pounds—Ramy has shown time and time again that he is a force to be reckoned with. And what’s more astonishing about the Egyptian bodybuilder, is that he just can’t seem to stop growing.

In 2010, Big Ramy stepped into Oxygen Gym in Kuwait and got his weight up to 200 pounds within a year. Another year later, Ramy won the 2012 Amateur Olympia at 286 pounds along with a pro card. In 2013 he was on the Olympia stage, competing against the big names of the sport. Although he came in at 8th place, he established himself as a bodybuilder who is to be taken seriously.

Each year following his debut at the Olympia, Big Ramy has managed to grow bigger and bigger. If he keeps this up, he’ll soon start a new era of mass monsters exceeding 350 pounds. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Ramy were to compete at 320 pounds in a few years time. He certainly has that capacity for growth in his genetic code.

A video of Big Ramy was recently posted, and in the video we see him going through some poses, and we must say, he is looking pretty darn impressive in size, despite the knee injury that he suffered last year.

If he keeps up this growth process, he’ll definitely place high at this year’s Mr. Olympia. And with Kai Greene not competing, this improves Big Ramy’s chances of snatching a top 3 finish.

Let’s hope that this year’s Olympia will bring about some excitement and improvements on the athletes’ physiques.

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