Ex-McFly Band Member Becomes A Self-Proclaimed Fitness Guru


After retiring as a musician, Harry Judd has now written a book about fitness.

In case you’re wondering, he was the drummer from the pop band, McFly. The guy also managed to win a popular TV show in the UK, called ‘Stricly Come Dancing’, but now he’s turned his attention to the fitness industry.

In fairness, the 30-year-old, regardless of whether you like him or McFly, is probably now a millionaire loving life. But apparently that wasn’t enough for him.

As a result, Harry Judd has now released a book/workout guide detailing how he stays in shape, called ‘Get Fit, Get Happy’.

Here’s a video promoting it here:

Sounds like a gimmick

In the video, Harry explains that he wants more people to know about the many benefits of being fit and healthy – especially the positive mental aspects of working out.

We can all agree that this is a good thing.

But then the video takes a serious decline; he then goes along with the cliche ‘you won’t need a gym membership’ and ‘you won’t need any equipment’ lines.

Ultimately, he should be encouraging more people to begin weight training in the gym. It’s good fitting in a workout at home now-and-then, but we all know that nothing beats lifting weights in the gym.

Not only that, he then assures viewers that ‘some of the exercises are only 5 minutes long’.

Now, even if you go all-out for 5 minutes, there’s only so much calories you can burn in this time frame – especially without any resistance training.

Upsetting that it’ll be a success

Regardless of what we think, it’s quite upsetting that Harry’s fitness book will become a success.

He has a big fanbase due to his time in McFly and on the TV show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. And ultimately, that’s all it takes for some people to press the ‘buy now’ button.

However, this is detrimental to the fitness industry; there’s no need for any more ‘gimmicks’ and ineffective workout guides.

It’s a shame that some people will buy this workout guide, and not see any results at all.

The worst part is, due to the video, some might expect to undergo body recomposition (losing bodyfat while making lean gains).

But if one thing’s for sure, from what we can see from the video promotion, ‘Get Fit, Get Happy’ doesn’t seem likely to help you transform your body.

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