Deadlift to Pass-Out Combo Move

 “I passed out. Huge knot on the back of my head.”

Are you a gym show off? Are you on the lookout for new ways to impress onlookers and attract female attention in the weightroom?  You can start by moving some heavy ass weight on major compound lifts;  a big bench, squat, or deadlift never fail to impress the ladies. But how do you take that shit to the next level? How do you rise above?  Combo moves, that’s how.

Olympic lifts are a great example of a compound lift combo move. If you can clean and press multiple plates, you will look pretty impressive in your average gym. That is why next level meatheads have been inventing powerlifting combos that require less coordination and technique than traditional olympic lifts.

Like this guy who deadlifts 538 lbs. then passes out like a baby fainting goat.  Some of you might say, “Tony, passing out isn’t badass!  It just shows he can’t handle the weight.”

Excuse me, did you see how fast that hot chick with abs was all over him after he went down?

Brilliant strategy.

You don’t see girls running to swoon over guys who complete a heavy set then head over to the fountain for a sip of water do you?  No, you don’t.

Combo Moves ladies and gentlebros, the way of the future.

Tony “Two Scoops” Muscoli

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