CT Fletcher’s 10 Commandments Will Give You A Pump Just By Watching It


We all know that CT Fletcher is the most intense man alive; benching flaming barbells and sh*t. But perhaps what CT is most known for is his mindset.

“I COMMAND YOU TO GROW!” is undoubtedly his most famous line and is pretty much what grabbed most people’s attention about him. When have you ever heard someone command their muscles to grow? Before CT came around, the answer would most likely be never.

I told my muscles to grow and they wouldn’t listen to me, they wouldn’t obey me…

Ever been there? We all have, but here’s the best part: you don’t have to stay there. Sure, using a little gear on the side won’t hurt but at the end of the day, it’s your mindset that get’s you to the top. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough.


No, the title isn’t in the least bit deceiving — I sure as hell got a pump watching this video. Heck, I even downloaded the audio file to listen to it while I train. Try doing that, and you’ll have the best workout you’ve ever had in your life.

Let these words sink into your brain until you can recite it in your sleep. Trust me, once you have these commandments all etched up in your brain, there won’t be much need for artificial enhancements, unless you want to make it to the Olympia stage, of course.


Sh*t’s about to get real! Full video on the next page…


Shit just got real. 

Can’t watch a video right now? We’ve broken it all down into TL;DR text below. But seriously, the video is so much more better than a summary of the transcript.

CT Fletcher’s 10 Commandments of Weightlifting and Muscle Growth


1. Command your muscles to grow

When you tell your muscles to grow, you need to have the proper mental attitude behind it. Say it with conviction. Mean it, or STFU because you’re just wasting breath. If you’re just saying it to say it, it’s not going to work.

2. Never accept the limitations of someone else

Don’t let anyone else tell you what’s possible or impossible. Never accept the limitation that someone else has placed upon you. Decide for yourself what your limits it, you SOB.

3. Pain is necessary

Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Pain is a necessary evil. Get used to it, muthaf*cka; make friends with it and then kick f*ckin pain’s ass!

4. Listen to your own f*ckin body

Your body will tell you if a movement or exercise is working. “If I go into a gym and if I do a set of curls on the preacher bench and that f*ckin set feels exceptionally good, guess what, muthaf*cka? I’m gonna keep doing it.” Don’t listen to some broscientist, listen to your body because it’s the only personal trainer you need.


5. Get a clear picture in your muthaf*ckin mind

What do you want to achieve? It’s important to be focused when it comes to your goals and what you wish to accomplish. Put your damn phone away when it’s time to workout. Get that picture in your head and chase after it with everything you got.

6. Change up your routine

Your body will adapt to the same routine. Your body is a magnificent machine that’s designed to adapt to rigorous training so you must trick the body; you must convince it that this is something new you must adapt to. Don’t get comfortable.

7. Angles are essential to growth

Everyone’s insertions are different, and two people doing the exact same exercise will feel it differently. You’re the only one who can determine the perfect angle for your lifts, through trial and error.

8. Overloading

You can overload your muscles by taxing them and forcing them to do that weight. Another way to overload the muscle is by volume, by doing so many reps that you make the muscle uncomfortable. Stress your muscles out, make them think you’re crazy.


9. Obsession

Obsession isn’t just a word that CT uses for the sake of using it. If you want to be the best at what you do, there’s no way around obsession. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish in life — you have to be obsessed!

10. Never ever become satisfied

Never say that you’re big enough. You can’t progress past satisfaction, so it’s the end of your growth and the end of your journey. F*ck satisfaction. Do not go quietly into the night; go kicking and f*ckin screaming! “F*CK SATISFACTION!”

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  1. CT, love your commandments ! That they can be used in any area of life! You know nothing is impossible ! Dare you to make 10 commandments with no swearing! Have no doubts you can do it! Will not put any limitations on you cause have no doubts you can do it my Brother!


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