Bullsh*t Article Title: 27-Year-old Didn’t Use ‘Common’ Bodybuilding Supplement

We send our condolences to anyone closely linked to Matthew Dana.


Sad news of a man’s death, but another example of the media criticizing the bodybuilding industry. 

Let’s get this straight. The news that Matthew Dana, a 27-year-old New York State Sargeant, had died is very sad news indeed.

However, what seems strange is the media naming the herbal supplement he used as a ‘common bodybuilding supplement’.

Why? Because we’ve been using supplements for a very long time and written countless articles on the matter. However, we’ve never heard of Kratom before.

Ultimately, there’s been growing discontentment towards the bodybuilding industry, after the media milked Rich Piana death – someone they named as a ‘muscle man’.

Using this term really shows how little they know about the industry and sends them back to the 1800’s; it was acceptable back when Eugen Sandow pioneered the sport, but it seems very dated to refer to someone as a ‘muscle man’ in modern times, unless it appears in some gay porn title (no hate).

Tragedy Covered Up By False Information

Like us, most of you would have been misled into clicking on the articles about Matthew Dana’s unfortunate death.

This is very sad news that the media has overshadowed by using the angle that ‘Kratom’ is a ‘common bodybuilding supplement’.

Simply put, it’s safe to say that the common gym-goer has never used Kratom…or even heard of it.

Bullsht-Article-Title-27-Year-old-Didn't-Use-'Common'-Bodybuilding-Supplement-matthew-danaA picture of Matthew Dana during his service as a New York State Sergeant.

What Is Kratom?

If you’re wondering what Kratom is, we did our research and found out more about this supplement.

Also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, the leaves of its tree (found in Indonesia) are used for various reasons; as a stimulant, painkiller, sleep aid or for its psychoactive effects.

Bodybuilders and gym-goers more commonly use caffeinated pre-workout supplements or even a cup of black coffee as their source of stimulant. Not Kratom.

In fact after completing our research, we found that the average person uses Kratom more than athletes, to help them sleep. So it’s safe to say that Kratom shouldn’t be referred to as a ‘common bodybuilding supplement’.

If the media are looking for a ‘common bodybuilding supplement’, then they should look at creatine or protein powder (good luck trying to fool readers into thinking these will kill people).

Bottom Line

Alright, so first and foremost, we want to send our condolences to anyone closely linked to Matthew Dana.

We wanted to fight his corner today, and criticize the media for focusing on supplements (as well as proving bullsh*t information on the matter).

Basically, we can conclude that Kratom isn’t a ‘common bodybuilding supplement’. In fact, it’s actually used more by the average person than bodybuilders, most commonly as a sleep aid.

We’re not saying that Kratom is safe and that you should take it. But we just couldn’t believe there was so much emphasis on a lie, in what should have been an article honoring Matthew Dana and his service as a New York State Sergeant instead.

Ultimately, this seems to be another ‘f*ck you’ to the bodybuilding industry, trying to place the sport in a negative light yet again.

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