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    Shocking Changes in 100 Years of Bodybuilding

      While bodybuilding may have started coming to life in the late 1800’s, related practices in ancient Greece were performed like that of the Greek Olympics. However, in the last 100 years bodybuilding completely changed from looking like a glorified (and adored) surfer to figures comparable to that of Stan Lee’s creations. A desired image […]

  • russian oak

    This Russian Oak is the Spitting Image of Arnold Schwarzenegger

      Bodybuilders of the Golden Era have had an interesting, yet great impact on today’s lifters these last few years — many of whom are striving for that aesthetic physique. Utilizing modern gym equipment and a large quantity of various supplements, these gym-goers workout with the motivation of their idols in mind, so that they can […]

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  • steroid use

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up on Personal Steroid Use

      Arnold Schwarzenegger enthusiasts the world over have suffered a setback after footage of the Austrian Oak recounting his use of steroids during his competition days had begun doing the rounds once again online. As one of the most celebrated bodybuilders of all time—if not the most celebrated—The Governator was inevitably flooded with questions regarding […]

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    Pain Makes You A Stronger Man. SO MAN UP!

      Thanks to the inflated stories of our grandfathers who used to work 27 hour days at a timber mill while raising a family, most people understand that this generation is softer than the previous ones. That is partially a good thing, because it means our civilization is advancing and people have more opportunity to […]

  • classic physique

    How To Build A Classic Physique

      Today’s bodybuilders have problems; they are no longer visually appealing because of their size (and massive drug use, HGH guts etc.). What little kid wants to grow up to have legs so large that they have to get tailored-made pants? People used to aspire to look like professional bodybuilders. They looked good and stood for […]

  • 2016 Arnold Classic Australia Results

    2016 Arnold Classic Australia Results Are In

      Just two weeks after the legendary Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, titans of the sport made a temporary migration to the southern hemisphere where they would battle it out once more for the coveted Arnold Classic title. In Ohio it was a head-to-head battle between Kai Greene and Cedric McMillan that really got fans […]

  • arnold and franco

    Arnold and Franco Still Pumping Iron Together

      Many popular friendship have formed throughout the years of mainstream bodybuilding; Ed Corney and Danny Padilla, Lee Haney and Rich Gaspari, Branch Warren and Johnnie O. Jackson, but perhaps the most well-known bromance to ever spring out of a love for the iron is Arnold and Franco. Way back in 1965, Arnold and Franco met […]

  • problems

    14 Headaches That Every Lifter Experiences

      Looking good naked is f*cking hard. There are no shortcuts (well there are, but they shrink your balls so we are not counting them), and hours upon hours of hard work is the only way to achieve your sexiness. Those people who stumble through life eating corn dogs and “exercising” by walking their dog […]

  • arnold classic 2016

    2016 Arnold Classic Preview: Who Has What it Takes?

      There are only two bodybuilding shows that I really care about, the Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic. As you all may be aware, the Arnold Sports Festival is one of the largest sports festivals in the world — from hosting amateur boxing events to gymnastics, and even fencing. But you’re not here to read […]