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  • classic physique

    How To Build A Classic Physique

      Today’s bodybuilders have problems; they are no longer visually appealing because of their size (and massive drug use, HGH guts etc.). What little kid wants to grow up to have legs so large that they have to get tailored-made pants? People used to aspire to look like professional bodybuilders. They looked good and stood for […]

  • 2016 Arnold Classic Australia Results

    2016 Arnold Classic Australia Results Are In

      Just two weeks after the legendary Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio, titans of the sport made a temporary migration to the southern hemisphere where they would battle it out once more for the coveted Arnold Classic title. In Ohio it was a head-to-head battle between Kai Greene and Cedric McMillan that really got fans […]

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  • arnold and franco

    Arnold and Franco Still Pumping Iron Together

      Many popular friendship have formed throughout the years of mainstream bodybuilding; Ed Corney and Danny Padilla, Lee Haney and Rich Gaspari, Branch Warren and Johnnie O. Jackson, but perhaps the most well-known bromance to ever spring out of a love for the iron is Arnold and Franco. Way back in 1965, Arnold and Franco met […]

  • problems

    14 Headaches That Every Lifter Experiences

      Looking good naked is f*cking hard. There are no shortcuts (well there are, but they shrink your balls so we are not counting them), and hours upon hours of hard work is the only way to achieve your sexiness. Those people who stumble through life eating corn dogs and “exercising” by walking their dog […]

  • arnold classic 2016

    2016 Arnold Classic Preview: Who Has What it Takes?

      There are only two bodybuilding shows that I really care about, the Mr. Olympia and the Arnold Classic. As you all may be aware, the Arnold Sports Festival is one of the largest sports festivals in the world — from hosting amateur boxing events to gymnastics, and even fencing. But you’re not here to read […]

  • training frequency

    How Often Should You Lift for Optimal Gains?

      It’s a debatable topic with flexible results. You would have a lifter on the one side of the spectrum saying that you should train x amount of days per week, while another would say the total opposite. A classic example would be Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty Training versus Arnold’s High Volume method of training. […]

  • super-set-man-arnold-reskin-4

    Arnold smashed the 1000lb club, WHO ELSE?

      Bodybuilders may appear as though they’ve been sculpted by the gods and thus boast otherworldly strength, but bulging biceps and cut calves don’t always adorn the heaviest of lifters. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the archetypal bodybuilder and most likely the most well-known of our time, so it’s pleasing to hear his lifting legacy matches up […]

  • mass gainer

    Kid Downs An Entire 5lb Tub of Mass Gainer in Under 5 Minutes

      Meet Matt Stonie, competitive eater and super flyweight human being. Matt is going where no gym rat has gone before. Matt downed a tub of MusclePharm’s Arnold Iron Mass mass gainer. Most lifters would gag at the idea of drinking even one mass gainer shake, let alone a mass gainer at all. And if you’re […]