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    Extend Your Life Expectancy with Weightlifting!

      While many think lifting weights is just for looking like an alpha male on the beach or adding hulk-like strength, it may actually let you live longer! In fact, there are a ton of benefits you can obtain from getting a regular lift in, from improving your heart condition to controlling and metabolizing carbohydrates better. You name […]

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    52 Year Old Battle Bruised Ronnie Coleman Still Lifts Like A Beast

      Perhaps you know about eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, who won this title more times than Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won Mr. Olympia seven times. While both guys are awesome in bodybuilding and other areas of life, we’re going to go ahead and put the focus Coleman. One of the most astonishing things about Coleman is that in recent […]

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Said He Was Too Ripped to Play Conan the Barbarian

      Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t stop to surprise us. From becoming one of the greatest bodybuilders in the world, to officially recommending you eat less meat to lower meat consumption by 50%, Schwarzenegger still has many impressive things to show and tell about. One of the most shocking and recent ones appeared on Reddit. There, one […]

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    Official: Arnold Schwarzenegger Recommends You Eat LESS Meat

      We won’t ask if you have heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was one of the greatest bodybuilders, a brilliant actor, driven politician, a terminator, and pretty much everything else. But why would Arnold, who is known for eating of meat his entire life, without any serious reason ask you to help to decrease global […]

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    Build a Barrel-Like Chest like the Austrian Oak!

      It’s not common that many bodybuilders are known for having a top-class quality chest — sure, many of today’s Mr. Olympia competitors have a big chest, but not all of them poses the quality and symmetry of yesteryear’s athletes. However, the one man considered to have had one of the best chests in the […]

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    The Three Exercises You Need For A Cobra Back

      Everyone and their brother has barrel-like chest, and big arms are a dime a dozen at almost any gym, but a balanced, fully developed back? Now that is a rarity. Sadly, most lifters are either too dumb to notice they have muscles that don’t show up in the mirror (#WhatAboutBackDay), or they are lazy […]

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    4 Golden Age Exercises that Created Champions

      Do you feel it? That feeling of your training routine becoming boring and less effective and no matter what you change, it doesn’t help? Alas, there is always something you can do. So if you’re in need of renewing your training routine and effective old school exercise remixes wasn’t enough, then learn top exercises […]

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    Shocking Changes in 100 Years of Bodybuilding

      While bodybuilding may have started coming to life in the late 1800’s, related practices in ancient Greece were performed like that of the Greek Olympics. However, in the last 100 years bodybuilding completely changed from looking like a glorified (and adored) surfer to figures comparable to that of Stan Lee’s creations. A desired image […]

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    This Russian Oak is the Spitting Image of Arnold Schwarzenegger

      Bodybuilders of the Golden Era have had an interesting, yet great impact on today’s lifters these last few years — many of whom are striving for that aesthetic physique. Utilizing modern gym equipment and a large quantity of various supplements, these gym-goers workout with the motivation of their idols in mind, so that they can […]

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up on Personal Steroid Use

      Arnold Schwarzenegger enthusiasts the world over have suffered a setback after footage of the Austrian Oak recounting his use of steroids during his competition days had begun doing the rounds once again online. As one of the most celebrated bodybuilders of all time—if not the most celebrated—The Governator was inevitably flooded with questions regarding […]