The Strongest Fitness Moments [Video Compilation]

In case you need motivation



Seeing people lift big weights can be an addiction in itself. If you’re a beginner and need some inspiration before your workouts, nothing can be more motivating than watching people lift heavy weights. It’s not just limited to this, watching people do crazy things in the gym can be a great pass time for when you’re on the subway, waiting for someone or sitting on the throne.

strongest fitness moments

These videos will make you believe it’s okay if you fail while trying to push the boundaries of what you can achieve. Let these videos be your motivation for the next time you walk into the gym to lift heavy weights.

1. Eddie Hall Bench Pressing Two Men

It’s your chest day but the incline bench press is taken? No worries. Just grab a couple of guys and do some human presses. The only challenge would be to find guys of the same weight. If you’re going to do this, do ask the guys for permission. Don’t hulk out and drag the guys by their bellies.

2. Blane Sumner Squats 1102lbs

There’s some honor and pride that goes with being called the strongest man on the planet. This is the reason so many people go after lifting such heavy weights. The shaking of the barbell is proof of how hard squatting 1102lbs is.

3. Bradley Martyn Lifts a 375lbs Dumbbell

Let us repeat this for you. Bradley Martyn lifted a 375lb dumbbell. Doing 375lbs deadlifts is good but doing one arm back rows with a 375lb dumbbell is a whole new ball game. This is a great display of strength by him.

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