Ronnie Coleman Still Killing It In the Gym At 52

Only one regret…. and it’s not what you think


In the eyes of many, bodybuilding is not considered a sport for older men. Much like many other athletic endeavors, the notion is you can only perform at your greatest potential somewhere between your early twenties and mid-thirties.

After that, most people throw in the towel because they’re outside their prime. It’s easy to believe you’ll just keep going at it until you’re dead, but there’s a reason why most bodybuilders have already retired by the time they’re in their fifties.

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It’s definitely worth considering your age can affect your ability to train. Usually, when you’re injured at an older age, it becomes tougher for you to recover, and because of that, performing at your best is close to impossible. Most people would rather give up after they hit a major injury because they don’t have the resolve and passion to keep f—ing going. But it seems that even though he’s had surgeries and is ebbing further into old age, Ronnie Coleman refused to give up.


An eight-time Mr. Olympia and one of the greatest and most well-respected bodybuilders of all time, Coleman has manufactured a career based off hard work, dedication and devotion to his craft.

He lifted heavy, trained like there was no tomorrow and murdered his workout every time he stepped into the gym. But once his bodybuilding career came to an end, it had taken a major toll on his body. Ronnie Coleman was plagued by injuries, showing that all those years of hard training had a major effect on his body in his older age.


One Regret

A few months back, Coleman had back surgery that put him out of the game for some time. He even lost the ability to walk for a while, but that didn’t stop him from getting back into the house of iron and doing what he does best. Check him out going H.A.M. in the gym.

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