Not In Prison? How to Benefit From Those Legendary Incarceration Gains

It may not be life or death for you now, but you may as well get shredded.


We’re not going to pretend we know what it’s like to be locked up with too many dudes that probably committed far more violent crimes than you. However, we do know a thing or two about making the best from the cards you’re dealt. The best gains, that is.


Bodyweight Background

A few names immediately come to mind when one thinks of bodyweight exercises and getting freaky in prison: Charles Bronson and Mike Tyson.

Known as Britain’s most violent prisoner (and that’s saying a lot in the land of hooligans and pub brawls), Bronson carved out a name for himself rampaging the local prison scene and repping out thousands of push-ups a day. That’s not a joke, Bronson allegedly completed up to 2,000 push-ups per day. What a savage.

Across the pond came the infamous Tyson. Our favorite ear-biting, knockout artist was destined for the ring before a career in boxing was ever presented to him. Long story short, Tyson got on the wrong side of a rape accusation and ended up in the penitentiary.


Instead of letting sub-par prison food and a lack of equipment derail his already titanic level of fitness, Tyson took a page out of Bronson’s book (Bronson actually wrote a book called Solitary Fitness) and got to work. Though we’re not exactly certain what Tyson programmed while in the Big House, there’s a good chance it involved a God-awful amount of push-ups and prisoner squats.

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