Planet Fitness Is The Worst Gym And Here Are Videos To Prove It

Stay away from Planet Fitness.

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Planet Fitness is frequently in the news but for all the wrong reasons. When they say they are a “one of a kind” gym, they really mean it. Planet Fitness is a gym where you can’t grunt or scream — hell, you can’t even lift heavy weights and throw them to the floor.

They don’t let anyone who is a little too muscular train at their gyms either. The reason being, the ripped guys can be intimidating to the other members at Planet Fitness. This makes it a paradise for lazy people who get a gym membership just to have the badge of being a gym member.

Believe it or not, running a profitable gym can be hard but Planet Fitness is one of the most successful gym chains in the world. It’s even listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and mostly brings a return for its stockholders.

The Worst Gym Ever?

The memberships at Planet Fitness starts at a mere $10/month. This could be one reason the purple gyms are always flooded with members. We feel this gym is purposefully branded the way it is which makes it stand out. Remember how Donald Trump won the elections?

The employees at this gym chain don’t hold back when it comes to reprimanding members or shaming them. The CEO of Planet Fitness leads the way in this regard. He could be one of the most controversial leaders of a company in the health and fitness sector.

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“Other brands look at working out as a hobby, and I think personally that working out is a chore, and I believe most of America thinks of it the same way, they know they have to [but] they’d rather go to Chili’s and have a beer and have some chips and salsa, but you know, you have to, you don’t want to, so you kind of wince your way throughout”, says Planet Fitness’s CEO Chris Rondeau.

It looks like Planet Fitness never wants its members to get in shape. This could be the reason they give out free pizzas and bagels to members after their workouts. How bad is that? All the hard work of the people in the gym being wasted just like that.

PF gives no importance to diet and nutrition while training. This is why most of their gyms have no diet or fitness coach. They only have trainers who are there to guide the members on how to use the equipment.

Planet Fitness Is The Worst Gym And Here Are Videos To Prove It

Why Get In Shape When You Can Get Free Pizza

Planet Fitness also has a ‘lunk alarm’ for the meatheads in their gyms. You’re not allowed to grunt, scream or throw the weights to the ground while working out. If you do, the lunk alarm goes off and you’re asked to leave the property.

It sounds like PF works hard to make sure none of its members get in shape and they have recurring membership renewals. This is one smart way of getting its members hooked to the gym. They also call their gyms ‘judgment free zones’.

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