Top Researchers Have a Pill to Make You Feel Immortal

This is far from your grandfather’s remedy.


Elysium. Sounds familiar, right? Well we all know good marketing is about positive associations, and that movie with Matt Damon was cool as f*ck. Also, it had a lot to do with living longer, or at least staying healthier longer — and that’s exactly what the company Elysium Health has invested themselves in.


Don’t get them wrong, because unlike countless other “anti-aging” products, Elysium’s newest brainchild stands in another category.

The Minds Behind It

The man with the plan is Lenny Guarente, an MIT graduate and one of the foremost experts in aging research. He’s supported by the lab geek A-Team of five Nobel Prize winners and a couple dozen other white coats. What initially sounded like another scam waiting to happen now seems like some real possible sci-fi sh*t, and I would bet there will be droves of people waiting with bells on.

The Science Behind It

Do you actually know the definition of aging? Simply put, your cells degrade, every second of every day until you can’t even lift. Damn, that blows.

Seriously, though, this is cellular degeneration and so far, science hasn’t advanced enough to halt it. In the past, calorie-restrictive diets have been used to some effect, and it’s worth mentioning everything you eat ultimately contributes to your cells’ degeneration. Therefore, the less you eat, the less oxidative damage your cells incur.

Obviously, there is a breaking point to this theory, because there’s not a whole lot of longevity involved in starvation; however, cutting out excess calories and full blown bulking seasons could add years to your life.


Far beyond calorie restriction lies a realm of possibility with potential to change the way everyone ages (or at least everyone who can afford it). Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a substance in the body that decreases with the passage of time.

We can safely assume this is directly correlated with the degradation process we just discussed, and Elysium Health has discovered how to give it back to us.

Elysium’s pill contains the building blocks of NAD and is manufactured to naturally increase the body’s production. The drug also contains a compound closely related to resveratrol, with supposedly better functioning. Not to fear, this NAD-boosting cocktail was tested on mice and was shown to positively affect the lucky creature’s natural levels.

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