Captain America: Civil War — Comic Book Gains on the Big Screen

How your favorite superheroes prepare for the BIG screen


With Captain America: Civil War hitting theaters in less than two weeks, we figured it would be a great time to do some research on how our favorite actors actually prepare for their superhero roles.

Marvel has been KILLING the game for the past 8 years with the emergence of The Avengers superhero squad.  But what does it take for these everyday actors to actually prepare for these films physically? Well, you can thank us, because we broke it down for you.

Chris Evans (Captain America)


Evans did get a superhero head start ahead of the rest of these actors from acting out as The Human Torch in the first Fantastic 4, a movie we all wish had never been made (with the exception of Jessica Alba of course). However, we can’t think of a better actor to play the role of America’s favorite superhero, and he definitely proved that he deserved the part.

While performing a ton of plyometrics and HIIT techniques, his main goal was to have a lean, yet proportionate body-type, being that the character of Captain America was actually scientifically created to be the “perfect soldier.”  Evans allegedly went from roughly 169lbs to 180lbs, while also cutting his body fat percentage to 8% from 12.5%.  

Chris Hemsworth (Thor)


Perhaps every bodybuilder’s second favorite avenger (after Hulk, of course) is The God of Thunder himself.  

Chris Hemsworth has always been a relatively big guy and demonstrated a healthy lifestyle (with the exception of preparing for his role in “Lost At Sea“), but he claims to have never lifted before becoming an actor.


He still managed to gain 20 extra pounds of muscle for his depiction of Thor though. In fact, Hemsworth got so big that he actually had problems fitting into his costume they had personally measured out for him three months prior.

To prepare for the role of a lifetime, Hemsworth actually trained with a former NAVY Seal, who primarily focused on his arms and shoulders being that Thor is often seen sleeveless, but not as often shirtless. Hemsworth focused on a routine that involved heavily on muscle confusion, but says some of his favorite workouts were with tools like sledgehammers and kettlebells… we’re not surprised.

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