132-pound Math Teacher Schools University Football Team At Bench Presses


Just when you thought that a math teacher could do nothing more than to bore an entire class. Even though that might be the case, this math teacher’s physical abilities is everything but boring.

Meet Jennifer Thompson, the teacher who benched 325 pounds in front of the entire Liberty University Football team without even breaking a sweat.

Weighing only 132 lbs. and standing tall at 5’5”, she has a decent build, making her successful attempt at benching that much weight a completely badass thing to do.

Thompson says that this is all possible because of the “eat, sleep, lift”.

“One of my life’s proudest moment was when I was able to bench press 325 lbs. with just a 132 lb. body weight. I have been in practice for this for years and it was perhaps the Highest Wilks Co-Efficient in History for Men or Women. I did it at the Arnold Classic and this is a phenomenal event. The entire crowd and my family were watching me and it still gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it.”

Thompson is a 43-year-old a mother of two and high school mathematics teacher. Don’t be fooled by her outward characteristics, s She also likes to compete as a powerlifter from time to time.

math teacher bench press

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