Freak Beast, Jason Momoa’s Workout Even Blows Lou Ferrigno Away

Maybe he never left the Conan The Barbarian Role

We all knew our boy Jason Momoa hit his protein requirements when we saw the remake of Conan the Barbarian, but I don’t think anyone expected that flashy Hollywood muscle to be moving weight like this:


That’s a lot of plates, and a damn cool tattoo; but apart from looking savage as f*ck, this routine could teach us a thing or two.

Weighted Pull Ups

It doesn’t get much more basic or effective than this for building some wings. I’ve always been an advocate of heavy lifting (assuming the form is on point), and studies (along with reams of bro science) have shown that moving heavy things does profound things to one’s anabolic hormones, and of course, muscle-building process.


Yes, that’s common knowledge; however, often times gym rats can forget what really builds muscle. Staying in that eight to 12 rep range with slow negatives your whole life might get you a nasty pump, but you won’t be able to back that vascularity up with any strength to speak of, let alone power.

At an evolutionary level, you’ve got to trick your body — make it believe it needs that extra ounce of muscle or it’s going to be crushed. Especially for those of us not injecting 30 CCs of Orca hormone every other day, heavy sets of low reps are key for building that barbarian physique.

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