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    6 Damn Good Shallow Reasons You Can’t Miss Your Workout

      Okay, let’s admit it, we’ve all skipped a workout before. Sometimes it’s a pretty good reason why you skipped it, like you were out of town on vacation, taking time off for a de-load, to heal from an injury or just busy with lots of work. However, sometimes we might skip them for stupid […]

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    “Zombie Cannibal” Bodybuilder Jailed After Face-Biting Double Murder

      As members of the fitness community, we are constantly gauging an interest in modern medicine and the heights we can reach through supplementation, but there are some drugs not meant for mankind. Enter Flakka, the “zombie drug,” otherwise known by its chemical name Alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, which has gripped certain areas in the United States and […]

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    How to Improve Your Physique as an Ectomorph

      Do you train and eat properly but for some reason are still void of any form of gains? This may be because you are an ectomorph, you know, the people who can eat pretty much what they want and not suffer any consequences. Most often, ectomorphs tend to have a smaller bone structure, a […]

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    Dorian Yates’ 10 Rules For Getting More Yolked Than a Yoke

    Dorian Yates is the original gangster when it comes to being mind blowing massive. He may not have been the leanest Mr. O or the most aesthetic, but in terms of pure size Yates was truly a king. Yates’ level of size was only attainable through the intelligent application of basic bodybuilding principles and more […]

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    The 5 Laws of Fat Loss That You Should Know

      Fat loss is probably one of the most sought after goals of every gym-goer, with powerlifters and weightlifters being the exception, because why be lean when you can be a total freak beast of strength? Many of us have attempted having a cutting phase at least once in our lifetimes — if you haven’t, […]

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    7 Secrets to Get to 7% Body Fat

      Most people who work out to look good would all agree they would look even better if they lost about 10 pounds of fat. For most guys, it’s pretty easy to get to around 12% percent body fat. As long you consistently workout and don’t f*ck up your diet you should be able to […]

  • steroid

    Why Should You Take Steroids: Pros VS Cons

    Here’s a not so common question; have you ever dreamt of becoming such a muscular monster that you are physically required to wear laboratory-made purple shorts every day? For the average man, it’s an impossibility to ever look like Kai Greene, Phil Heath, or the Incredible Hulk — these guys are all genetically gifted. Well, […]

  • anatomy-of-the-shoulder-muscle

    The Best Exercises for Monstrous Deltoids

      When it comes to impressive physiques, the muscle group that stands out the most among others are the shoulders. It is common to see dudes with big arms in the gym these days but no shoulders. To be honest, they look very disproportionate. Chest, arms, and abs are the main three muscle groups that […]

  • muscle-confusion_v3

    ‘Muscle Confusion’ is The Biggest Lie in Bodybuilding

      We’ve been taught to believe change is good in the life of a fitness enthusiast, and sticking with something for too long in the bodybuilding world is like staying in an unhealthy relationship. “Muscle confusion” is the term that’s become inexorably linked training effectively, this idea that by frequently changing our approach to training, […]

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    Why You Need a Testosterone Booster

      We all want to live the good life. For some, that means having a family, for others, running a successful business, but for us lifters, the good life is life filled with all kinds of gains. Sure, having a family and running a business are goals to aspire to—eventually—and nearly every Tom, Dick, and […]