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    6 Moves to Develop Monster Traps in 8 Weeks

      One of the most underdeveloped body parts most gym rats have is their traps. They’ve got huge guns, swole pecs and a wide back, but their traps seem to be falling behind. That’s because almost nobody is willing the put in the hard work required for this goal. The road to building massive cobra traps […]

  • build-muscle-mass

    Build Muscle Mass With These 5 Simple Rules

      Rules — this is what it comes down to. If you’ve been unable to build muscle mass, chances are you’ve been doing something wrong. It is time to correct your mistakes and make the most of your time in the gym. These rules are sure to work on any body type, so the excuse […]

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    5 Shockingly Effective Ways to Increase Vascularity

      Have you ever dreamed about having vascular arms and legs? If so, you’re probably interested in how to achieve it. However, there are many factors that determine how vascular you can become, so it’s better to combine them to achieve greater results. If you work hard for a long period of time, you can […]

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    Research Confirms Mike Mentzer’s One Training Session A Week for Mass

      With today’s broscience and all-around gym knowledge, it’s hard to fathom how one could have one training session a week and put on serious mass. For you to understand the concept of the once-a-week “method” we need to first look at its history. Way back when there was a man named Arthur Jones, the […]

  • four

    The Only Four Things You’ll Ever Need to Lose Weight

      Losing weight is hard. Really hard. We all know it, and a lot of us want to do it, but far fewer of us actually succeed. A big reason behind this high rate of failure is a lack of preparation. There are fitness classes in place, communities at hand—either online or in person—and supplements as […]

  • crossfit-idiot

    5 Common Curses Secretly Sabotaging Your Gains

      The path to successfully reaching your goal physique is cluttered with many obstacles. Most of these obstacles are usually easy to identify: work getting in the way, unexpected injuries, car problems, jury duty, finding out you accidentally impregnated that stripper in Vegas, etc. Many of these unplanned events can derail your goals without notice. The […]

  • fitness can be a cult cover

    Fitness Has Evolved Into a Cult Rather Than a Lifestyle

      The growing craze of fitness is transforming from a cult into a lifestyle. Who knew after religion, fitness—of all things—could turn into a cult? People who were once dismissed as being dumb and incompetent of tying their own shoelaces are now considered among one of the biggest communities in the world today. It took a lot of effort and dedication, both […]

  • untitled-1

    Building Huge Legs Have Never Been This Easy

      We all want to flaunt a big ol’ set of wheels, but for some reason unbeknownst to you, your quads just won’t grow anymore. Back when you first started training, your body just kept on growing up until a certain point. And now you’re stuck with the same legs of yesteryear. It’s frustrating, I […]

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    Full Body or Individual Muscle Workout…Who Wins?

      We’re al guilty of asking the question as to what kind of workout should be done in order to build muscles. It’s true we have different goals in mind while working out; some want to maintain a lean structure while others just want to get big. So when it comes down to whether a full-body […]