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  • jason genova

    Rich Piana and Jason Genova Get Into A Fullblown Slap Match

      Remember that time when Rich Piana made a video calling out anyone who dared talk crap from behind a screen saying that they should come to his expo booths and settle the beef like men? Well, this isn’t that. To be fully honest with you, Jason Genova unleashed an “order 66” on Piana, something […]

  • exercises

    Old School Exercises Reborn as New Age Monsters

      Most bodybuilders do old school exercises like bench press and squats as the primary part of their training, and it’s great! These movements are challenging and beneficial to muscles. But there are times when you see no improvement even with these exercises for too long and start to question yourself: “what am I doing […]

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  • weight-loss-before-after

    Brutally Honest 4-Step Guide To Losing Weight — The True Experience

      Aaron Blayaert was once a fat, unimpressive and untrained man, who recently took control of his ordinary life and burned away 80 pounds of dead weight in one year. In honor of this, we’re summarizing his 4 key points to “realistically” redefining your physique, as outlined in Blayaert’s Tumblr post. 1. CUT OUT THE BEER […]

  • brain

    This Is How A Month Of Exercise Can Affect Your Brain

      Much like the Magic School Bus, the Gain Train has been shown to deliver measurable cognitive benefits. So strap in, because we’re about to science. A surprising amount of research has been conducted and published over the possibility of exercise increasing neurogenesis (creation of neurons). Specifically, differing forms of exercise: Running, Weight Lifting, and […]

  • Cutler

    10 Time-Tested Bodybuilding Strategies to Skyrocket Your Goals

      Some guys believe that by having zero skills and determination they can achieve their bodybuilding goals. But if it was so easy, then everyone would be Arnold Schwarzenegger and would ruin all the greatness in being strong. So to get closer to your bodybuilding goals, you must know more about how to become better than […]

  • woman-squatting-round-butt

    The Essential Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Should Squat

      Girlfriends are great for the most part, but it can sometimes be frustrating for a bro to be so passionate about his craft and not his special someone to feel the same desire. We’re of course talking about squatting. Front squat, back squat, hack squat; it doesn’t matter to us. Ladies, all that matters to […]

  • testosterone

    Our Top 5 Testosterone Boosting Movies

      Testosterone. The single most important hormone for building muscle, losing fat, and being a f*cking winner; and due to some serious science, researchers have discovered that watching certain movies can elevate your levels of man juice by as much as 30%. Not just any movies, the films that do the trick should contain gross amounts of […]

  • Barbell-Rows

    How Important are Isolation Exercises for Muscle Building and Performance?

      Isolation exercises are single-joint movements that focus on individual muscle groups. These exercise applications consist primarily of classic bodybuilding exercises, such as biceps curls, triceps extensions, shoulder raises, and machine-based exercises (e.g., leg extensions and hamstring curls). When it comes to building muscle and improving performance, isolation exercises often get a bad rep. In […]