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    The Top 15 Fat-Cutting Tricks To Try in 2016

      Fat-cutting can be one of the most frustrating aspects of fitness when you hit a plateau. If you’re on a diet and are still not able to lose weight, our advice would be to quit your diet. The reason being most diets aren’t based on sound nutrition principles, are hard to follow and don’t maintain […]

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    Study Shows People Posting Gym Selfies Have Deep, Psychological Issues

      Hey, you. Yeah, you. To anyone that’s posted more than one gym selfie in the past seven to 10 days – we’re here to help. A couple of things have gotten out of hand in recent years, political charlatans, North Korea, ISIS…and selfies. Not that I’m the gold standard for anything (quite the opposite, in fact); […]

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    Kipping Curls? Why is CrossFit Still A Thing?

      Fitness fads disappear just about as quickly as they spawn. Remember Jazzercize? Neither does any other sane person around. Or what about Prancercise? Oh, you’ve never heard of it? Good, you’ve managed to save your soul the anguish of knowing what a woman with an overly concerning horse complex looks like — until now, […]

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    Seven Myths About Abs Every Bro Should Know

      For decades now, six-pack abs have been looked at as a symbol of ultimate strength and fitness. Not only are they a sign of a strong core but are just as aesthetically appealing to possess. You’ll hardly come across a bro who doesn’t want a six-pack. In addition to that, in a study conducted by Western […]

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    Scientists Find Shocking Connection Between Training and Alcohol

      Most folks want to be fit and knock back a few brews at the same time; work hard to play hard, y’know? While these activities seem to be counterproductive, there’s been a lengthy debate as to whether training influences drinking behavior and vice versa. But now two reliable studies have discovered the shocking truth. First, studies that were […]

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    Pornhub BangFit: App Designed to Get You Shredded by Having Sex

      For too long, Pornhub has stolen hours from our daily lives by dictating how we jerk off, but the leading site in pornography is now set to give back to the community with its new app: BangFit. BangFit is designed to get you in shape—or as Pornhub describes it, “fit as f*ck”—by tasking its users with […]

  • Kev

    Student’s 7,000 Pull-Ups Destroys Three World Records

      One high-schooler has demonstrated to the world that age is merely a number after breaking three Guinness World Records, including one for completing more than 7,000 pull-ups in just 18 hours. Andrew Shapiro’s efforts absolutely annihilated the previous holder’s attempts, but it’s the story and inspiration behind the 17-year-old’s reasons to take on the challenge […]

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    From Homeless Kid to Man of the Century: The Lessons of Dwayne Johnson

        The gym is a place where we experience our failures and victories, pain and happiness, and like real bodybuilders, we can come to call it our second home. For Dwayne Johnson, the gym always was (and still is) home in a genuine sense of the word; the place where he learned valuable life lessons which helped […]

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    How Steroids Got Rich Piana to Where He is Today

      Most of you heard about 314lb Rich Piana, a bulking master who achieved 30 pounds of muscle in 30 days and is so massive that people think he is out of this world. And this is not a surprise as he lives by his beloved motto: Whatever it takes. To Rich, “whatever it takes” means […]

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    Understanding The New Rules of Fitness

      There have been a number of changes in the fitness world throughout the past few decades. Nowadays, in any sport, everything is technical and scientific; it’s all about the numbers. Athletes have to stick to strict diets and take part in various types of workouts.   Meanwhile, back in the day you were able […]