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    10 Things Men Should Do Every Day That Makes Them Alpha

      No magic pill can take you from Point A to Point B without making any effort. Self-improvement is a constant pain, which requires time and patience. You’re in a whole new ball game if you want to be regarded as an alpha by your peers. In the system of Greek numerals, Alpha has a value of […]

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    Lifting and running , which shoes should I wear?

      A complete guide to Lifting Shoes. What you wear on your feet when lifting can be either detrimental or beneficial to your progress, depending on the style of shoe and the type of workout you are doing. Many of us focus on doing whatever we can to improve our physique and take our training […]

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    7 Undeniable Reasons to Make Monday Your Leg Day

      Have you ever wondered why Monday became National Bench Press Day? Or why you work your chest, shoulders, arms, and abs before you train your legs? Traditions die hard, but logic needs to take precedence over habit in your quest for the perfect physique. Monday should be your leg day, and here are 10 undeniable reasons why. […]

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    Dramatic, Muscle-Stacking Body Transformation With Freeletics

      Freeletics: It sounds like a poorly thought out infomercial the first time you hear it, but let’s give it a chance. There’s no such thing as a free lunch (unless of course you find an unopened box of Pop Tarts on the street); however, there may now be such a thing as free gains. Fad […]

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    Official: Arnold Schwarzenegger Recommends You Eat LESS Meat

      We won’t ask if you have heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was one of the greatest bodybuilders, a brilliant actor, driven politician, a terminator, and pretty much everything else. But why would Arnold, who is known for eating of meat his entire life, without any serious reason ask you to help to decrease global […]

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    A Massive Dose of Laughter: Lifting Fails featuring Jason Genova

      You have probably heard about a young and already famous bodybuilder (or at least he himself to be) Jason Genova, who became popular by posting videos on his YouTube channel. On his channel, you can find many ridiculous videos he posts to give his primitive knowledge and poor inspiration to others. However, Genova believes […]

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    Wolverine: What You Should do to Get Ripped like Hugh Jackman

      You probably know many amazing transformations Hollywood actors did to get roles in films. However, one of the most shocking was achieved by 47 year-old Hugh Jackman, who is also well-known as the Wolverine. Yet, his transformation was a long journey. In 1999, the year when the first X-Men series was in production, Jackman needed […]

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    4 Effective Ways to Increase Testosterone

      Testosterone, the hormone responsible for developing your manhood. Some have it in abundance, others not so much. To those who do have an ocean of test surging through their veins; you lucky bastards! And to everyone else who seemingly manages to just get by, this informative piece is for you — all the men […]

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    Nine Rules of Four-Time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler for Non-Stop Improvement

      Do you know how to drastically improve your physique? Then you need to follow and learn what the best in the business do to improve — people like Jay Cutler, four-time Mr. Olympia champion. Don’t worry, Cutler doesn’t use the same “secrets” that some bodybuilder at your gym shares with the young kids. Rather, these are tips tested […]

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    8 Beastly Arm Exercises You Need For Massive Gains

      After years of training, some lifters experience a serious problem — their arms stop growing, and no matter how hard they try, their arms don’t seem to get any bigger. If you find yourself in such a situation or want to make sure it doesn’t happen in future, we’ve got you covered with eight great exercises some lifters […]