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    What’s the Shortest, Most Effective Cardio? We (and Science) Have Your Back

      That’s about as cool as steady-state cardio is going to get. Every Gym Bro’s Savior It’s commonplace to hear high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is more efficient than the traditional, steady-state options, but why? The rationale behind it is actually not overly complex, and like we’ve said before: don’t simply believe everything the swole guy tells you; […]

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    This Bodybuilder Almost Died And Now Carries His Heart In a Backpack

      Andrew Jones is a 26-year-old bodybuilder who has a big passion for training and enjoying a bodybuilder’s lifestyle. However, in 2012, he felt terrible while jogging, but that feeling soon left. And so, he didn’t pay much attention to it. Unfortunately, two years later, Jones developed a fever and began coughing up blood. As doctors […]

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    Why You Should Take Steroids and Get Famous

      For those of you who are obsessive and love the bodybuilding lifestyle, steroids are the best thing that you could ever do for yourself. When you love the lifestyle, it will be easy to all the crazy sh*t bodybuilders do — among that being taking steroids. Now that social media is blowing up like […]

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    6 Reasons You Don’t Actually Want Six-Pack Abs

      Who doesn’t want abs? The dead? I mean, the dead never really eat, so we’re sure they’re shredded. But seriously? Who doesn’t? They’re the hottest thing since the invention of the wheel, and like all young men, I have dreamed about them since I was 12, when I saw my first Men’s Health cover […]

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    The World’s Fattest 10-Year-Old Weighs Over 400 lbs

      Perhaps you’ve heard that the USA, the UK, and some other countries have as much as 30% of their citizens overweight. Alas, the number of overweight people increases. So, it’s quite the surprise that the world’s fattest 10-year-old lives doesn’t come out of any of the above-mentioned countries, but from Indonesia. There, the kid whose […]

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    5 Foods That’ll Make Your Cut A Hell of A Lot Easier

      So if you’ve been into fitness or bodybuilding for any amount of time at all, you probably got the basics of counting macros and weight training down to a tee. But just because you know how to cut weight, doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. I mean, almost everything about it sucks. You […]

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    Lighter Weights Gives Same Gains As Heavy Weights, According to Research

      Would you like to do more reps with lighter weights rather than fewer reps with heavy weights? If so, it’s completely understandable because everyone prefers a different kind of training style. However, among bodybuilders, there is a long-living belief that to build muscle and get stronger you need to use heavy weights. And so, many […]

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    How To Get The Lower Abs V-Cut No Woman Can Resist

      A v-cut in the lower abs is the ultimate sign of true dedication to your physique for both men and women alike. It shows you stay true to both your workout plan and your nutritional lifestyle. It is true abs are made in the kitchen, but to create that sexy v-cut you’re looking for, […]

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    Synthol User Looks Like A Sideshow

      Hot damn! I’ve seen some terrible looking, synthol using nutcases. I get it, synthol enhances the overall roundness of the muscle when used correctly, but what drives a man to the point of getting his shoulders shaped like anvils? And that’s not a compliment. General synthol users aside, why the motherfudging fack would you want to […]