Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen by MuscleTech

hydroxycut hardcore next gen

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

For 20 years, the HYDROXYCUT name has been synonymous with results. And now next evolution of HYDROXYCUT is here. Two decades in the making, new HYDROXYCUT HARDCORE NEXT GEN features potent doses of key ingredients in unique, never-before-seen combinations to deliver the ultimate stimulant experience. It also contains green coffee for real weight loss results.

HYDROXYCUT HARDCORE NEXT GEN invokes a powerful state of thermogenesis in the body to help fire up your metabolic rate! You’ll have everything you need to train harder and sculpt the body you’ve always wanted!



  • 400mg Green Coffee
  • 290mg Caffeine Anhydrous
  • 100mg Coleus Extract
  • 75mg Blue Scullcap
  • 250mg Ophiopogonis
  • 40mg Yohimbe Extract
  • 20mg Guayusa