Best Weight Gainer Supplements To Pack On Muscle

The Top 10 Weight Gainer Supplements and Best Weight Gainer

When it comes to gaining mass, you’ve got to up your caloric intake. Obviously, you’ve got to lift like a madman too, but if you aren’t taking in enough energy then what is your body going to turn into muscle? Nothing. These 10 weight gainers made our list based on effectiveness, quality of ingredients, taste, and other important traits. You wanna get big? You gotta eat big.

Here are some of the dietary add-ons you need to gain mass fast:

Protein Powders: The very first thing you should include in your cupboard is a high-quality protein powder. As you train harder and harder, your body’s protein requirements will spike upward, and you will need extra protein to supply your body with the proper raw materials to create more muscle mass.

However, if by nature you have a very fast metabolism, you may need to consider protein powders that also have added fats and carbohydrates that just pile on the calories. Even then, proper exercise and diet is needed when using these fortified protein powders, so that the weight gain isn’t all fat.

Creatine – This substance helps boost energy for repetitive workouts. It’s a high-energy precursor for ATP, a chemical that is heavily involved in muscular contraction. As the body’s ATP supply runs low, your workout also suffers. Creatine can give a 5 to 15% energy boost, just enough to give a seriously lifter such as yourself a few more repetitions each set, resulting in a more effective exercise regimen for building up mass. Beast moooooode!

Amino Acids – Amino acids are the building blocks of all organic life forms, and in this case, they help repair and build your damaged muscle tissue. They’re also involved in increasing energy output for workouts, and they decrease the onset of muscle soreness. In practical terms, this also means that one’s endurance increases, along with a related increase in power. It also contributes to losing body fat faster. Not bad, hey?

Glutamine – This is a form of amino acid, but it deserves its own entry. It increases leucine levels
in the body, and this helps diminish muscle breakdown and boosts the immune system. That’s more important than you think, as this means you can keep on going to the gym, as you get sick less. It also boosts growth hormone levels. Recent research also suggests that it hastens calorie burning even when the body is at rest.

Nitric Oxide Boosters – Nitric oxide (NO) dilates blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow to muscles, enhancing oxygen and protein delivery. This makes workouts more efficient, with enhanced muscle action, recovery, and growth. NO is usually delivered into the body as the amino acid arginine, which the body converts into NO.

Carnitine – Aside from being a famous fat-loss supplement, carnitine also boosts circulation like NO boosters, and does the same for testosterone after workouts. In all, carnitine is known to help the body in many ways that can benefit a person looking to gain weight.

Multi-vitamin and Mineral Supplements – Aside from protein and carbohydrates, vitamin and mineral supplements are also necessary. One example of a well-known supplement of this type is ZMA, or Zinc, magnesium aspartate and Vitamin B6. The combination helps the body retain productive levels of testosterone and IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor). This, in turn, helps the body gain more muscle mass in a shorter amount of time.

The following are some of the top weight gainer supplements in the market:

Our Score Value Quick Summary
Pro Gainer $$$ 7 Superior Proteins Including Whey, Casein, and Egg
Elite Mass Gainer $$$ 12 grams of BCAAs and 5.5 grams of L-leucine
Real Gains $$$$ Contains whey, micellar casein, complex carbs, healthy fats and fiber
Animal Mass $$$ Designed for strength athletes and bodybuilders
True-Mass $$$ Contains an ultra-premium protein formula
Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass $$ Utilizes a 5-stage Mass Delivery System
Monster Milk $$ One of the oldest mass gainers in the game
Up Your Mass $$$ Sustained protein release
MASS-TECH $$$ Contains 63 grams of protein
Serious Mass $$$ 1,250 calories per serving and 50 grams of protein

Top 10 Weight Gainer Supplements

1. Pro Gainer by Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer by Optimum Nutrition

Pro Gainer

Don’t judge a gainer based solely upon its calories per serving. Because when it comes to gaining lean mass, not all calories are created equally. Unlike typical weight-gain formulas that are loaded with simple sugars and fat. Pro Gainer derives a much higher percentage of its calories from protein-7 premium protein sources to be exact. By also supplying complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), digestive enzymes, vitamins, essential minerals, and great taste as well, we’ve created the ideal lean gainer. Pro Gainer was made with quality, not quantity, in mind. Because we understand that you want to get big, not fat.


The Ingredients That Make Up the Mass:

High-Quality Proteins

Pro Complex Gainer is comprised of high biological value proteins, which means they are easily digested and absorbed so they provide a full complement of amino acids to support the rebuilding process. Each serving of Pro Complex Gainer provides a 60-gram dose of premium muscle-building protein made from 7 unique sources.

Complex Carbohydrates & Lipids

Carbohydrates and lipids (fats and oils) provide sustained energy that help prevent proteins from being burned as fuel. Each serving of Pro Complex Gainer provides 85 grams of carbohydrates and 4-5 grams of fiber with only 5 grams of sugar. In addition Pro Complex Gainer supplies medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) and other energy-dense lipids.


Various vitamins and essential minerals are utilized during the growth process. Without these micronutrients your body cannot effectively process proteins, carbohydrates, or fats. Each serving of Pro Complex Gainer provides 26 vitamins and essential minerals.


To gain just one extra pound, you need to consume approximately 3,500 calories-above and beyond what you normally consume through foods, beverages, and supplements. Pro Complex Gainer provides over 600 calories per serving. By adding just one serving to your daily routine, you can begin to experience an increase in lean mass within the first week.



  • Ultimate LEAN GAINER Formula
  • 650 Calories
  • Few Sugars
  • 7 Superior Proteins Including Whey, Casein, and Egg
  • High Protein to Carb Ratio
  • Mixes Effortlessly with a Blender, Shaker, or Spoon
  • Easy to Drink


2. Elite Mass Gainer by Dymatize Elite Mass Gainer by Dymatize

Elite Mass Gainer

Dymatize ELITE MASS Gainer is a Hi-Protein Anabolic Gainer designed specifically to provide the right formula for packing on quality lean muscle mass in order to obtain the massive size every hardcore athlete desires, while aiding in recovery from intense workouts.

This potent formula helps deliver more calories and protein, gram for gram, than other protein options on the market. Each serving contains an astounding 600 calories, 55 grams of protein, Sustained Release Protein Matrix, Complex Carb Matrix, Creatine Fusion, Branch Chain Amino Acid Blend, and an Anabolic Lipid Complex. Believe it – all of this and more in each serving, while being up to 99% sugar free!



  • Packed with 600 calories and 54 grams of protein
  • 12 grams of BCAAs help promote the building of muscles and speed recovery
  • 5.5 grams of L-Leucine, the BCAA that is directly involved in optimizing muscle protein synthesis
  • Creatine monohydrate as well as a full vitamin & mineral blend to support accelerated muscle gains
3. Real Gains by Universal Nutrition Real Gains by Universal Nutrition

Real Gains

Real Gains is an extremely powerful mass-cultivating support formula that was created with you, a hardcore active and athletic individual, in mind. Real Gains has more of what you want and less of what you don’t: more calories, more protein, more good fats, more taste, more fiber and far less sugar. You want to gain, muscle mass that is, and the right way to do that is with large amounts of protein, which you will find in every scoop of Real Gains, and by cutting fat intake. Rest assured we use only the finest whey protein and micellar casein available on the market. We don’t skimp on things that are important and neither should you. Our Real Gains Protein Complex has a top-notch amino acid profile and instantly mixes into a liquid with no blender required.

Large amounts of complex carbs have also been included in every serving since they are an essential part of building and fueling muscle expansion. These carbs are a large source of energy that will support your intensely hardcore weight training routines. We have also provided you with inulin, a special dietary fiber that will aid in digesting all of the protein, carbs, and fat you need to get big and stay big. MCT and flaxseed oils are included to aid in hormone production, cell membrane protection and growth, as well as overall daily nutritional needs. Real Gains is meant to be used together with a well balanced diet and hardcore training routine.



  • 52g grams of protein per serving
  • 600 calories per glass
  • Contains whey, micellar casein, complex carbs, healthy fats and fiber
  • Low in sugar
  • Mixes easily with a spoon or in a shaker


4. Animal Mass by Universal Nutrition Animal Mass by Universal Nutrition

Animal Mass

Live large. That urge is what first brought you to the gym. To be bigger and stronger than your peers. To feel powerful. To watch yourself grow. It was emotional, so much more than the mere physical process of adding muscle.

Being big was a declaration. That you weren’t satisfied being just like everybody else. You wanted to be better. You wanted more. And ever since you’ve been on a mission. Your eating, your training, your entire lifestyle, revolve around a simple goal… Grow. We get it. We’ve been there. We live it every day. After all, you don’t get the name Animal for nothing.

For more than three decades, Animal has shared your mission… To grow bigger and stronger every day. Like you, that desire is a part of who we are. Animal Mass is the manifestation of this approach to living. To grow and evolve always, not just as a passing fancy, but as a philosophy that defines us. Mass for today. Mass for tomorrow. Mass for life. Live large with Animal Mass.


Required For:

  • Strength athletes and bodybuilders
  • Recovery from heavy and intense weight training
  • Lifters looking to gain maximum lean mass
  • Athletes who struggle to put on weight


Daily Dose:

3 heaping scoops mixed with water, milk or juice. Take 1-2 Mass shakes daily, depending on your caloric requirements.

5. True-Mass by BSN True-Mass by BSN


TRUE-MASS features BSN’s signature ultra-premium protein formula to feed an athlete’s muscles with the essential protein building blocks. The unique carbohydrate blend provides the caloric support necessitated by extreme physical exertion, helping the body prepare for and support recovery from intense training.

Healthy fats supply quick-burning fuel to satisfy the serious athlete’s energy demands. And all these high-quality ingredients come delivered with BSN’s exclusive flavor technology, producing one of the most mouth-watering mass-gaining shakes on the market.

TRUE-MASS is an ultra-premium lean mass gainer, designed to support muscle growth and muscle recovery for athletes with above normal caloric needs. The formula behind TRUE-MASS features a 2-to-1 ratio of workout-fueling carbohydrates to muscle building protein, with 90 grams of carbs per serving and 50 grams of protein at 700 calories.



  • Muscle Size & Strength
  • Energy Yielding Metabolism
  • Exercise Recovery
  • Weight Gain Objectives


6. Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass by MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass by MusclePharm

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass

Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with MusclePharm scientists and together they created a revolutionary weight gainer, Iron Mass. In order to stimulate rapid muscle growth (and do this without spurring fat development) it takes both calories and precise nutrient partitioning to create the muscle building environment an athlete needs.

As a whole new kind of all-in-one Mass Gainer, Iron Mass addresses every angle of muscle building. It utilizes a 5-stage Mass Delivery System, comprised of advanced protein technology, elite complex carbs, healthy fats, cutting-edge performance ingredients and a balanced digestive blend—plus it’s low in sugar and tastes delicious!



  • Iron Mass supports gains in hard, dense muscle mass and strength
  • Features “muscle plasma technology”
  • Contains a blend of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates & BCAA nitrates
  • 40g Protein, low sugar, gluten free


7. Monster Milk by CytoSport Monster Milk by CytoSport

Monster Milk

We stand for truth, power and unyielding support of athletic lifestyles. This is our unwavering commitment to quality. A symbol to carry and support you before, during and after training or competition. Monster stands for Truth: fully disclosed nutritional ingredients and no proprietary blends; Power: efficacious formulations that enhance your performance; Life: inspiration you need to achieve your lifelong goals. Because truth is power, power is performance and performance changes lives.

The proteins in Monster Milk Protein Supplement Mix can help facilitate muscle growth after exercise by enhancing muscle protein synthesis and inhibiting muscle protein breakdown.



  • 50g Protein
  • 280 Calories
  • 12g Carbohydrates
  • 3g Sugar
  • Great Taste
  • 1g added L-Leucine
  • 4g added Glutamine
  • NSF Certified for Sport
  • 125mg ProHydrolase® digestive enzymes


8. Up Your Mass by MHP Up Your Mass by MHP

Up Your Mass

MHP brings the most advanced mass packing technology to your nutrition program with Up Your MASS. The result of over 10 years of research and development, Up Your MASS is so powerful, it can pack on up to 16 lbs. of mass onto the frame of the hardest gainer in as little as 5 weeks! The quality and quantity of muscle building nutrients in Up Your MASS make this weight gain formula unparalleled – we don’t believe you will ever find another weight gainer that works as effectively as Up Your MASS!

MASS is formulated with the powerful 45/35/20 Macrobolic Nutrition ratio to create the proper metabolic and hormonal environment for significant gains in mass, strength, endurance and recovery.

Our most popular and in demand protein matrix, PROBOLIC Protein (soy protein isolate, whey concentrate, casein) continually feeds your muscles for up to 8 hours. This sustained release profile provides quick, medium and slow release of muscle building amino acids for both fast and long-term nitrogen retention. Probolic is loaded with glutamine, leucine, branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and nitric oxide supporting arginine in each massive serving, all of which are critical for muscle building, strength and recovery from your intense workouts.



  • Sustained Release Protein Helps Keep Muscles Growing
  • Carbohydrate Blend Optimizes Anabolic Effects
  • Fuels Maximum Muscle Growth
  • 26 Glutamine – 9g Leucine – 7g Arginine – 23g BCAAs


9. MASS-TECH by MuscleTech MASS-TECH by MuscleTech


MASS-TECH provides a complete mass-gaining advantage to hard gainers and athletes looking to build serious muscle. Designed with the everyday gym goer in mind, MASS-TECH provides everything an individual who has difficulties adding muscle mass needs from a weight gainer.

MASS-TECH has a whopping serving of 63 grams of protein, consisting of slow, medium, and fast-digesting proteins. 132 grams of carbohydrates are supplied through a multi-phase carb complex to spike insulin, promoting muscle glycogen replenishment, therefore putting the body in an anabolic state.

MASS-TECH also provides 3 grams of L-alanine, the second-most used amino acid after leucine in protein synthesis.



  • 63 grams of protein
  • 13 grams of BCAA’s
  • 10 grams of creatine
  • Places the body in an anabolic state
  • Enhanced protein synthesis
10. Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition

Serious Mass

Serious Mass is the ultimate weight gain formula. With 1,250 calories per serving and 50 grams of protein for muscle recovery, this instantized powder makes a sizable post-workout and between meals shake. Serious Mass gives you the tools you need to pack on pounds and – when coupled with serious weight training — develop your physique to the fullest.



  • Adding Calories Has Never Been This Easy or Tasted So Good
  • 1,250 Calories
  • 50 Grams of Blended Protein
  • Over 250 Grams of Carbohydrates with No Added Sugar
  • Enhanced with Creatine, Glutamine, and Glutamic Acid
  • 25 Vitamins and Essential Minerals